First build fan problem

Hi guys, im midway into my first build here and I've run into somehwat of a problem with my case fans.

The case is Antec DF-85,
PSU is Antec CP850, and mobo is Asus P55DE-Pro

So I'm connecting all the fans to the power supply with the Molex connectors, but I cant seem to find the cables to connect these fans to the motherboard, the only fan ive connected to the motherboard is the CPU fan..

am i missing something? im very confused at this stage
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  1. i think ive partly understood now, at the end of the molex cable there is a 4pin adapter, this is the one that should go into the chassis fan input on the motherboard?

    also, if this is correct, can i connect any other component to the molex cable?
  2. Up to 4 fans can be connected to your motherboard, with three or four pin connectors. At a minimum, you need to connect the CPU fan, which you have already done. Study the manual to see the specific options.

    Use the molex only if you are connecting the fan directly to the power supply - say if your fan did not have a 3 pin. If you connect directly to the power supply, then the fan will be on full speed all the time, and not be able to take advantage fo the fan xpert system of Asus.
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