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My buddy gave me his Dell Dimension 8300 a week ago.. but I noticed that I couldn't plug the blue wire from the back of the cpu to the monitor. I was told to purchase a new graphics card with that blue slot available. So I purchased one off of ebay. The model is a (Dell 9y452). Then someone said I need to install a specific driver so my screen will stop chopping when I scroll. Ive tried to do that but I cant figure it out. I've tried to load several driver and they all end with an error message. What should I do?
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  1. Whats the Error message? Also What is the graphics card you bought as-well (model) Please fill me in with some more info about the issue.
  2. Sorry, I didnt exactly understand it properly, So you have tried The latest drivers for that video card? whats the error message say?
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