Graphics Card Issue ? Artifacts on screen and no desktop is show...? Please help

Hi to all my system config:
core 2 duo 1.86ghz processor
945chipset Mercury Board
MSI N220GT 1GB Graphics card (Bought 4 days before)
4 Gig Ram (Bought 4 days before Hynix DDR2 800 2Gb 2 modules - earlier 3GB Hynix)
250 GB HDD Western Digital
400w PSU Mercury

The Problem actually started 1 month before first my 2GB Ram Module got damaged and after 4 days my previous graphics card 8500GT XFX also gone to hell...

4 days b4 I bought an MSI N220GT card 1GB, and 2 modules of 2GB Ram Hynix 800Mhz. But after connecting 2 RAM's the graphic card driver can't be installed, its showing a msg that the compatible hardware is not found. The I formatted my XP and tried to reinstall again...oops!! same issue..After that I removed one Ram from DIMM 2. The the CARD was successfully installed. Hell..!! I got to know when ever there is a RAM in my DIMM 2 slot the card is not working. Then suddenly today the screen was having artifacts and its freezing. ..but the system continues to work..I can't even see my desktop...while booting also a dash line like pattern is forming b4 the XP splash screen... Please I want to bring back my PC to life..? ??
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  1. Maybe a bad card. You need to run memtest on your ram as well.
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