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Inergrated Graphics or old PCI-E card

Hey guys,
My uncle got a prebuilt machine, I know nnasty stuff!
It is a good deal though!
Are the Integrated 4200 graphics better than a Radeon X1550?
Thanks for the help guys! :)
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  1. Neither are any good.

    But if your not going to be gaming what ever is inside will work just fine.
  2. Either way is oK if not used for gaming. I would keep the integrated video, just for compatibility issues. You dont want to mess around with drivers and such on your uncle's machine. It's his PC, after all. If it crashes and you're not around, what is he going to do?
    on the other hand, if you have the green light to do whatever you want with it, for about 50 bucks you can get a better graphics card than what you have described. After all, he's your uncle...
  3. Thanks for the reply's guys!
    So the X1550 would give any significant boost?
    I just want him to have the best experience since he is one of my loved ones.
  4. at least with the x1550 it will fre up system ram which is used up by the onboard graphics.
  5. For basic computer usage like watching the occasional video, spreadsheet work, writing or surfing the web then integrated video is good enough.

    Will your uncle or you notice any difference doing the above after adding a video card? Umm..... No.
  6. So the X!550 and the 4200 are basically on par?
    Wont the X1550 free up some RAM, as iam2thecrowe said?
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    Not enough to make a difference. It comes with 4 gigs. I'd stick with the integrated graphics, it has newer features that Windows 7 can take advantage of, and adding that other card will just waste power.
  8. ^+1 the integrated solution is the best for simple computing and will save you a bit of hastle.
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  10. Thanks for the reply's!
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