AMD 1055T

Hey guys I have been using cpu z, and core temps, cpu thermometer; they all say the cpu temp is running at 15, but when running asus probe 2 it is telling me 39 C, just wondering how reliable are the readings.
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  1. What temps are you questioning?

    I would run the latest HWMonitor and review your temps and post a screen shot of it or all the different programs for comparison.
  2. ok I just ran the HWMonitor, and it seems the readings are the same as asus probe for cpu, but the core is same as core temps, is there a difference between core temp and cpu temp?
  3. CPU temps is the outside temp of the CPU socket and the Core Temp is the internal temp of each individual core on the CPU. Core Temp is the more important temperature to monitor in your system.
  4. Will there be CPU damage if it reaches 50C and over for CPU temp? overall core is fine than.
  5. Hey guys I am getting 0 C for core temps, is that bad?
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