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I am intending to build a Custom computer case (from scratch) what are the most coveted features of a computer case In YOUR opinion. I want to make one that will stand the test of time... CIV5 on the mind. In anycase here is what I have so far let me know what you think and if I'm missing anything.

Mid-Tower like dimensions (I feel that Mid-Towers do a better job of moving air)
Slide out motherboard tray
Back-Plate cut out
possible craziness
rear mounted motherboard tray
sideways mounted disk and HDD's with a Fan-Door to HDD's (right side) with a fan on the opposite side.
Blank/nearly blank front panel maybe something there
rest of the side available plexiglass or w/e sidewindow
possible theme... (up for debate as to what that could be)
rear motherboard fan.. maybe, yes, no?
cable management behind motherboard. 2 large fans on both sides of the case (4) for through airflow (dust filters if i can make it work)
bottom mounted PSU sideways facing. (possible top mounted upside down with dust filter, due to orientation of motherboard sata ports and where the HDD bay is)
thumbscrews for everything... ? maybe?
motherboard I/O panel cut out will be on left side.

Thats about it for now...

one of the benifits i like about this board is that air will travel along the length of the Graphics Cards instead of the height of the card, it seems like an advantage to me.

I wish I had a scanner to show the drawing of this, as it is quite nice... :(

In anycase I can't wait to hear suggestions.
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  1. 1) It needs to be large enough to hold all of your parts, and not much more.

    2) Good ventilation. That means to me two filtered 140mm front intake fans, and a similar rear vent area(with or without fans) Straight through front to back air path is best. Side fans disrupt airflow. Top fans can be noisy.

    3) Quiet. Sound absorbing panels. (windows are not good for sound) Front intake fans imbedded behind the front panel, intake vents on the sides or bottom.

    4) Removeable motherboard tray is not very useful. All the ones I have seen need the power supply leads to be removed first.

    5) I think a cube case is the best if your space permits. I would design the side and top covers to be able to be lifted off for access to the internals.
  2. I like point number 5 in addition i would apply that to the rear panel too, since the airflow will be going side to side due to the motherboard being mounted on the rear panel area.
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