Play program sound to different locations (USB headset 1 tv other)

Hello Folks,

Here is what I have:
Asus Rampage Formula MOBO with
Cosmos Cool Masters Case

OS is Windows XP Home Edition

What I want to accomplish:

I want to have the sound for Netflix to play through my stereo and play sound from my gaming programs to play through my USB headset separately.

How it is hooked up:

Off the MOBO I have coaxial cable to the stereo receiver for digital sound.
Nothing is hooked into the SupremeFX II 8-CH Audio sound card.
I have a Logitech LX-3000 usb headset/mic plugged into from USB of case.

I want the Netflix to play sound on the receiver and, lets say COD2, to play through my headset separately. This way the family can enjoy a movie and I can enjoy a game with out the two sounds overlapping on top of each other.

Is there software out there to preform this?
Is XP Home edition not capable?
If XP capable - would someone mind giving mt e tutorial for setup?

I have spent a few days trying to find this and maybe I have overlooked it through my searching. I have good friends that told me you folks were the best on the planet for getting answers.

I look forward to your replies.

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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Seems to elaborate. Is this all off one unit?
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