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A couple months ago ATI made the Catalyst drivers work with Mobility chips, I have a ATI 5650, I installed the Catalyst drivers but when I install newer ones they don't seem to actually install.
Anyways, there seems to be no way to tell the driver version (10.4, 10.8, 10.9, etc), instead, through GPU-Z and Device Manager I can tell atiumdag version.
So, if anyone with ATI drivers can tell me a corrolation between Year.Month and atiumdag version (ex, 10.4 -> 8.421.14, 10.6 -> 8.521.15) then please post.
Also for the core, it says Madison, is that just the codename for the mobile version of Redwood?
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  1. Use driver Sweeper and get rid of the old drivers and any trace of them, do a fresh install of the latest and give us the results
  2. I did that, reinstalled Cat 10.9, and all I see in Device Manager is
    "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)"
  3. Drive sweep and try an earlier version like 10.3 and 10.4
  4. I'm trying to install drivers but they won't.
    I've tried Device Manager -> Update -> Search Automatically
    Result: Problem Installing
    I've tried Device Manager -> Update -> Browse -> Have Disk
    Result: Problem Installing

    Using the main Cat installer only installs the HDMI/DP Driver and CCC, in the Log there is no mention of even installing the Display Driver.
  5. Well, 5 hours of pain later, here is the horrible story.

    After, the Driver Sweeper incident, I tried to install Cat 10.9, but it wouldn't install, so I rampaged through ATI's forums, turned out you need Cat Mobility.

    I used Cat Mobility, successfully installed, restarted, screen's blank.
    Just black, like no signal.

    So I lugged by 10+ pound VGA CRT, I connect it, and the CRT has a signal.
    Then after trolling around the drivers, I decide to disable Intel GMA HD, it uses the 5650 when I do that, and the Laptop's screen turns on.

    Then I went into Driver Sweeper and found the backup feature, I restored the deleted crap, and it still uses the GMA HD by default and still no laptop screen.

    However, if I disable the GMA HD it does seem like the Cat is 10.8 (the latest I could find for Mobility)

    Then I snooped around the BIOS and nothing, finally I used system restore (the non-destructive one), and finally back to my old computer.

    I'll try using Mobility again tomorrow.

    Long story short, I'm getting an ASUS or Alienware next time.
  6. lol..... that's a cooler solution. But we usually try to make the other brands work too...
  7. Only the Catalyst Drivers from HP's website work, and considering how it's basically Cat with an HP kiss on it I don't understand why they have separate drivers at all.
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