Quick Q: will the Mcw60 block fit the 5770?

I have a mcw60 waterblock that I got off craigslist and has the hardware for the ati radeon series so it says, will it fit the xfx 5770? I will be buying it asap since it might be sold, thanks I've read it needs mods but nothing concrete, anyone hear use the two?
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  1. Yes
    Although they have a customs mounting kit to go with it for the mounting....

    But if you're planing on buying one, I'd suggest you go in for the EK-FC5770
    It costs nearly the same and is a lot better since everything is pretty compact.

  2. Thanks man I already have mcw60 since it was included in the swiftech +, one more thing I'll have a single graphics card for a while so should I watercool a 5770 or 5830? And the mcw60 fits the 5830 right?
  3. Yes it would, but the question that mainly arises is which of the 2 gets more hot.... which ever one gets hotter and you feel is under max load requires the liquid cooling block.
    The 5770 never had an official full body water block because it never got that hot since OC'ing it was very limited. And the factory cooler did a very efficient job for nearly all the models of the reference card.
    But if you come from a place like where I am, (India) then you'd certainly be happier with liquid cooling since the ambient temps here are high temps for the card at idle itself..... :)
    So yes, liquid cooling will make a difference, actually where ever you are.
    Use the block on the card that gets hotter or runs more, or runs hotter .
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