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Pls help 1500-2000$(CAN) gaming/overclocking PC

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December 8, 2010 8:40:24 AM

Hello everyone,

I've been looking around, searching over different forums and I can't fixe my mind.

Approximate purchase date: A couple weeks after christmas maximum 1-2 months

Budget range: 1500-2000$(CAN) could be a little bit more

System usage: GAMING(recent pc games and the one coming in 1-3 years), internet, watching movies(later on a HD TV)

Parts not required: monitor(ASUS MS238H), keyboard, mouse, speakers

Preferred website for parts: NCIX, NEW EGG... any of your suggestions. Kind of insecured about warranty over parts in case of any troubles. PCCYBER stores.

Country of origin: Canada (Montreal)

Parts Preferences: Intel, NVIDIA

Overclocking: might try it

SLI or Crossfire: would start with one GTX580 and add one later(1 or 2 months after) for SLI

Monitor resolution: not sure (currently using 1440x900 because of my old AGP video card)

Additional comments: I just want the best parts/performance that will last for a couple of years without having any lags

I was thinking about this configuration but I'm open to your suggestions:

Computer case: Antec Lanboy

CPU: Intel i7 950

Motherboard: MSI BIG BANG-Xpower or any better Mobo that you'll suggest me

RAM: not so sure about it. If my motherboard is asking for triple chanel is it necessary to go for it??? If so pls suggest me a good kit.

Video Card: GTX580 not sure about the brand that I have to choose. Zotac??? or EVGA???(for lifetime warranty)

PSU: was thinking on going for a 1200W because of the possibility that I'll go on SLI with 2xGTX580. I would need suggestions from you guys.

CPU Heatsink: I would accept any suggestions that could fit with the motherboard and the RAM (Noctua NH-U9B-SE2?? or Corsair H70?? or ???)

Hard Drive: Western digital green drive 1T + one that I need you to suggest me.

Thanks for taking your time to help me fixe my mind.

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December 8, 2010 11:56:37 AM

- Case: LanBoy's are noisy and don't cool any better than some more closed competitors, but cases are personal thing and the build quality is good, so go ahead if you like.

- CPU: are you sure you need a 950? The 930 is just as fast at stock speeds and overclocks almost just as high (100 MHz or so won't make a difference)

- Mobo: MSI is usually a good quality brand, so go ahead if you like it.

- RAM: none of the big brand names make bad quality RAM. Get a nice 6GB or 8GB kit (triple or dual channel make no difference in real word applications). Go for 1333 or 1600 MHz, as any lower is too slow and anything higher doesn't yield noticeable performance benefits. Timings don't matter too much either. Just pick the cheapest set made by a quality brand (Corsair, Kingston, OCZ, Geil, Crucial, Patriot,...)

- Video Card: all brands follow the same quality and design guidelines Nvidia and AMD give them. Just look for the best warranty and/or lowest price.

- PSU: Even with a dual 570, 1200W is overkill. 900 or so is already way more than you need. Get a quality brand, modular design and high efficiency model though (Corsair HX and especially AX series, Antec, higher end Seasonic models). Don't skimp on this part!

- Cooler: Noctua's are a bit pricey and they don't offer the absolute best cooling, but they are the quietest high performance coolers out there. I love them, but if you don't mind noise, other brands like Coolermaster make equally well performing coolers at lower cost. The Corsair H70 is an excellent cooler all round. Noisier than the Noctua, but still not too loud and with very good cooling performance.

- Western Digital Green's are slow. Use them for data dump, but not for frequently used programs. Actually, I wouldn't get them at all. They aren't any more reliable than other drives, are a lot slower and consume only marginally less power. At your budget, adding an SSD is an excellent choice. For a regular HDD, the Samsung Spinpoint F3 is cheap and it's the fastest 7200 RPM HDD out there. Reliability is good too.
December 8, 2010 5:29:11 PM

I was thinking about the i7 950 because its only 2$ more than the i7 930.

Would anybody knows if the Noctua NH-U12P SE 2 would fit in this case/motherboard with some G-Skills Ripjaws RAMS. If my motherboard is using triple chanel is it necessary to go with it ?? I mean what would be the best ?? Go for triple chanel or dual chanel???

For data dump would this hard drive be good at this price :

I heard that SSD were at the moment too expensive, is there a real difference between SSD and HDD. I mean what would be the positive points to go for it ???

Thanks for all your answers I really appreciate them.
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December 8, 2010 6:03:15 PM

1. Wait for sandy bridge (early Jan) and 69xx GPU's (next week)

2. If you don't want to wait:

Mobo- Best bang for buck x58 mobo right now is asus sabertooth $299

RAM- avoid OCZ. WAY too many issues with their RAM lately. I prefer G Skill since their RAM consistently works at lower v and tighter timings than rated.

G Skill Ripjaw ddr3 1600 cas 8 kit $118

G Skill Pi ddr3 1600 cas 7 $123

PSU- XFX makes the best value/money PSU's right now. They're top of the line seasonic's (newer, and improved base over the corsair HX series, and cheaper).

XFX 850 $150 w/ $20 MIR

Rest of above suggestions are good.

Re; SSD's there's a massive boost in boot, load and response times. Manf also tout their fast read/write speeds, but outside enterprise, no one uses them for mass data storage so it's not a very useful stat.

Where SSD's really excel are the random read/writes necessary for OS operations. Here we're looking an improvements of 1-2 orders of magnitude. That's like the difference in acceleration between a bike and a Military Jet Plane.

See anantechs excellent summary

The downside of course is cost. SSD's are still in the $2-$3 per gb range. HD drives are as cheap as $0.10 per gigabyte.
December 9, 2010 9:25:17 AM

Thanks for your answers!!

I'll have to wait because the amount of my budget isn't completed yet. I know that new CPUs with new sockets will come out soon with Intel but I don't think I would go right away on them. Sometimes new product, not tested by extreme addicted, are not safe. I mean there won't be any benchmarks on these new products before a couple of months.

I'd rather wait to see with the new release of these new CPUs if the socket 1366 CPUs(like the intel i7 950) prices will go down a little bit.

Ok banthracis suggest me that motherboard:

For easy overclocking and good gaming performance I was thinking about that one:

I also saw on different forums that these are also good:

I'm between chosing the MSI or the Sabertooth. Anyone could help me up???

If I'm thinking on going with the Antec Lanboy case, later with SLI GTX580 and the power supply calculator gave me a score around 980W would anybody knows which PSU should I go with?? I mean on a different forum they mention the fact that I have to check the dimensions of it to make sure it fits in the PSU cage of this case. Anybody have any clue???