Critique my first build :)

Hey everybody (FML :fou: ), this is the second time in typing this thread because last time I tried, my current PC crashed (ironic, huh?).

I am building a new PC and i'm pretty sure i will get an i7 (unless you can get an octocore @5ghz for $400; what are my chances [sarcasm] )

Sorry for the epic amount of text but hopefully you guys will survive and HOPEFULLY will give me some helpful advice...

CPU: Intel Core i7-950

Chassis: Corsair 600T

CPU Cooling: Swiftech 2x120mm radiator WC setup (UV red loop)

For those of you who dont know how the 600T works is the radiator and other WC parts are setup neatly internally and the fans for the radiator are located on the top of the case under a shroud.

To see the shround off where the fans will go, go here:
To see the shround on, hiding the fans from view, go here:

Overclocking: Yes, I plan to get 4ghz and beyond.

Motherboard: Asus Rampage III Formula (I will use this to overclock my CPU)

Memory: Corsair Dominator GT 1600mhz CL7 (with airfan)

Graphics: eVGA GTX 570

PSU: Corsair HX-850W (modular PSU)

Optical Drive1: Liteon DVDRW
Optical Drive2: Alphacool black tint reservoir
Optical Drive3: NZXT Sentry 2 Fan controller

HDD1: Corsair 60GB SSD (boot)
HDD2: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB (storage)

a few things; 90% black/red parts, modular psu for amazing cable management (I will be following linustechtips cable management guide where he used this case), I will run the 2 fans for the radiator off the cases integrated fan controller and will run all the rest off the nzxt sentry 2.

Thanks all for reading my SECOND attempt at this thread, lol.

All advice is greatly appreciated, anyone with experience watercooling, ide love you personal tips ect..

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  1. Fairly good choices, a few minor things though:

    - Are you sure you need the i7-950? A 930 can usually go just as high and is a lot cheaper.
    - You can get hexacores below $400 to 4 or even 5 GHz. Take a look at the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T.
    -I don't know why you'd get that Corsair memory. Memory rarely, actually pretty much never, needs additional cooling. I'd get a cheaper kit with the same size and timings. Even heat spreaders are usually overkill, never mind an active cooling solution for RAM.

    I'm not a watercooling expert, so I won't comment on that.
  2. first - 950 is the lowest 1366 in my region, also i dont the i'd call 20$ a huge difference in price =\
    second - i said octocore, stock @ 5ghz, not available.
    third - my rigs name = overkill. ; athetics and cooling are key for me, I plan to OC the memory aswell
    forth - too bad, maybe get a h70 kit to start your WC experience?
  3. bumpity bump bump... bump!
  4. Silmarunya is correct about RAM not requiring active cooling. Even heat spreaders have a minimal impact.

    This is especially true for Intel based machines who's RAM do not go over 1.65V.
    the 1.65v limitation is an architecture design limit, not heat related.

    It may have been necessary back in the BH-5 days with 3.6V RAM, but today it's really pointless.

    Granted, in a Water cooled rig with its much less airflow through the case, RAM temps will be higher than aircooled cases, but even then, you're talking mid 40's C. Hardly close to the hottest component or a troublesome temp.

    Also, I'm don't actually see any questions in your post. Is there something you want us to answer?
  5. I just felt i had to get it out there, having a build idea and keeping it locked away makes me feel like im going to explode. I was just wondering whether anyone here had off-topic tips and tricks for watercooling or just plain system builds.
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