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I ended up purchasing an I7 950 along with other components to build a new computer. As I was assembling last night I ran into an issue (possibly) with the factory Heatsink/Fan that came with the I7 950. I ended up not purchasing an after market heatsink as I wont be overclocking and people said it wasn't necessary.

The issue that I am seeming to have is that the heatsink/fan can come loose far too easily (little tugs) and can come off in corners. I dont build computers all the time, but this is the type that you twist a plastic bolt (knob) and it "locks" it in place, but Im just afraid that it wont be doing its job as well this way or at all (not sure if this is true or not).

Should I be ok with how it is, or should I go aftermarket? I am not sure how the paste works and if I will have to clean it off the processor if I replace it with another heatsink. Im hoping I could find a good heatsink at Bestbuy or something along those lines (but seems there are slim pickings from what I can tell online) to avoid waiting another week before being able to use this.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks all!
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  1. I just assembled a new build with an i7-950. I am not overclocking either, and my factory heatsink/fan locked in place snugly. I've had no problems with overheating.
  2. did you feel like you really had to press the heatsink down pretty hard in order for it to lock into place? I initially thought that I had it locked in and then I moved something around it and bumped it and it was loose. I finally had to press pretty hard down on the heatsink in order to get it to lock into a point that I feel like its actually on.

    As a side question. when the heatsink comes with paste already on it, do you need to spread it around or just leave it be? Its in 3 sections on the heatsink as is, so I left it as was and didnt do anything more. Thanks
  3. Download realtemp and run prime95, watch your cpu temps and if you get into the high 70's i'de suggest an aftermarket cpu cooler to get the full lifespan out of your cpu... get a coolermaster hyper 212+ push/pull and you will get much better performance out of your cpu for about 40 dollars. Best answer?
  4. Yes, that's the same motherboard I have as well. I did have to press pretty hard, but not so much I thought i was going to damage the mobo.
  5. There are little black pegs that stick through the white plastic when looking at the back of the MB, since they are all equal at this point I am assuming that I got it on correctly. Ive been reading that there really is no way to know for sure without testing it, but I cant seem to find a concrete way of know what temps the 950 should be running at as what people say over the net is all over the board. Did you temp check yours at all?
  6. also, one thing I noticed is that if you attempted SLI or crossfire with two 6870s that they would literally be touching each other...there must be heating issues with this...
  7. Stock HSF is fine for non overclock. Others have covered how to securely get the HSF mounted.

    An excellent guide to thermal paste application

    @krodista, depends on design of the GPU and case airflow. With reference design (side intake, rear out of case exhaust) a side fan blowing air directly onto the GPU intakes greatly reduces temps, but xfire means 1 cards intake is almost entirely blocked. This is probably very bad for temps.

    On the other hand, other designs with a front intake will benefit less form a side fan, but will not face blocked intake issues.
  8. does anyone have any insight on proper running conditions. I read about about some things like "realtemp" and "prime95", but wouldnt know exactly what to look for without some sort of gauge.
  9. I tested with prime95 tonight and after only a but over a minute, almost all 4 cores had reached 78C, so I shut it off. My computer otherwise seems to sit around in the mid 40 to 50C at regular usage. I havent tried to test during a game yet.

    The outside the case air is around ~22C
  10. Um. 68C is no where close to max operating temp....In fact, temps in the mid 70's under prime 95 are perfectly fine assuming ambient of ~20c. Load temps of 50-55c above ambient is very good.

    CPU data fails in that it's reporting Maximum TTV, T case which is measure at C above an ambient of 39C, NOT the actuall maximum TTV.

    The actual maximum operating temp(TTV) would be T ambient + T case which would be 108C. Though the processor throttles at about 105C.

    See pg 72 of the Intel i7 9xx data sheet
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