Games lock up the computer

Hello. I just made a new computer today and everything seems to run fine, but i see one problem.

When i open any game at all, the game locks my computer up. After around 1-2 minutes, no matter what im doing (playing or looking at the menu) it just freezes. I cant get out and i cant do ANYTHING. It just freezes and i have to turn it off the no-no way =(. 8GB total for Physx

I have tried Left 4 Dead 2, Medal of Honor (didnt even make it past the menu), and Dead Rising 2.

Im not sure what is causing this exactly, so i just chose "graphics cards" to put it under.
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  1. Only happened on games, right?
    Have you installed the right driver for your card?
    Checked the card temps?
  2. You need to try a few things possibly run Prime 95 to see if a heavy processor load causes it, try only 1 stick of RAM at a time, try only 1 graphics card at a time. It could also be driver related or the PSU is not strong enough.
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