X58 Extream boot issues

I just built a branny new system, and i am not able to load past the POST screen. After POST screen it goes black and leaves me with a blinking cursor in the top left corner of the screen. I am trying to install my windows 7 64bit home premium OS. I have gone through the BIOS and set them up with the online PDF open. Anyone have a solution? I have looked every where and tried a bunch of different things. My system setup includes:
X58 extream w/ 2.9 BIOS version.
Core i7 920
Cooler Master 750w power supply
A phillips cd/dvd drive i salvaged from my last computer- it runs an 80-conductor ATA 66/100/133 cable
WD 500gb sataII HDD
Gigabyte geforce gtx 460

Thank you to anyone who can help. Need this computer for school and its really important i get it running. I will be using it for 3D game modeling and animation. Not sure if that will effect BIOS setup but it cant hurt.
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  1. I am a bit confused but will try to help. Are you installing from a genuine Win7 CD? I suspect that your cd drive is not being recognized. Does the cd drive spin up with the Win7 disc in and does it's light flash like it is reading the disk? What brand is the MB? Have you set the boot order in the bios to the cd drive as first boot device? What is the online PDF thing? How do you get online without the OS up and running?
  2. 1- yes it is a system builder CD I ordered from newegg.
    2- in the storage config section under the advanced tab in the BIOS it recognizes both the hard drive and the cd/dvd drive
    3-when it boots up the disk drive spins up and the light flashes for about 3 seconds then shuts off. I have 2 cd/dvd drives i tried and both did the same thing.
    4- The MB brand is ASRock x58 extream
    5- Boot order is CD/dvd drive then sataII HDD
    6- The online PDF i used was a more detailed version of the quick install guide that came in the box with the MB. it wasnt very helpful Here is a link to it.
    7- I used my wifes laptop to look at the PDF online.

    Now i have a question for you. It seems a little dumb to me but it cant hurt to ask. In the actual book and the online PDF it has the section about the MB drivers CD before it explains the installing OS section. should the MB drivers CD go in before i try to load the OS? seems to that i wouldnt be able to do that. Thank you again for your time.
  3. The chip set drivers identify the MB devices to the OS. You install them after Win7 is installed. Is the other cd SATA? I think you will need to use a sata cd drive on that board. If you are using the IDE cd drive, make sure it is set to IDE and not SATA in the bios. Also check to see that the WD HD is set to AHCI/SATA. It still sounds like a cd drive problem. The OEM disk should boot to the install if it is being read. What memory and how much did you instal? Is the memory on the boards list of compatible types? Be sure the 3 sticks are in the correct slots (A1-B1-C1). Check the cd disk to make sure it is clean with no scratches or finger prints.
  4. I have Kingston hyperx (3x2gb) RAM. they are in the proper slots and the CD is clean. when i set the "Configure sataII as" option to AHCI it no longer detects my hard drive but it still detects my cd drive under IDE1 Master.
  5. Is you HD new? Is there a previous OS on it? Try putting the win cd into the laptop. See if it starts to install as a check. Do not install just see if it boots to the install cycle. If it does then the cd is ok. Are there any jumpers on the HD pins? The system does not seem to be reading the cd. Can you get hold of a new sata cd drive? Check the bios settings to make sure the the sata ports are enabled. I still think the cd drive is a problem. You may have a defective MB also. Does the bios show 6g ram installed? Is there a choice to change the Master setting? You might switch it to see if it makes a difference. Switch the HD back if it is the only way for the bios to see it.
  6. HD is brand new no other OS on it. I am not home again till tomorrow morning so i will preform these suggestions then and let you know. If it is the CD drive gonna have to convince the wife to let me drop more money into system. She already isnt happy about the 1K i spent. thanx for your suggestions and i will try them the next chance i get.
  7. New drives are ( from $17 US on up. Hope this helps your cause:)
  8. thanks for the link. I just bought a Blu-ray lightscribe cd/dvd rw drive from pricewatch. This better fix it or im going to have some words with asrock. Ill post again if there is any change. thanks again for your help.
  9. dogsnake. I have recieved my new dvd drive and i am still having the same issue. any oher ideas?
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    Sorry the hear you are still having issues. Did the cd boot to the install on the laptop? Try connecting the cd to different headers. Are the SATA devices turned on in the bios? If the bios shows the drive it is a good indication they are on. Did the MB come with an installation disk? Have you tried it? What happens when you do?
  11. Thank you for your help. I contacted ASRock and had one of thier techys walk me through some things. all in all i will be getting a new motherboard. They are not sure this will fix the problem but i cant hurt anything either. I will post again when i recieve it.
  12. Sorry there hasnt been a post for awhile. I eventully got my RMA form filled out through ASRock. When i sent them the motherboard they told that the pins were bent on the CPU. They sent pictures. The pins on the motherboard i sent them were not bent but the pins in the picture were bent really bad. There was an area about the size of a finger nail were the pins were pushed down into the CPU. It was not like that when i sent it to them. I raised a little hell and got nothing from them. I contacted newegg who was very helpful and said even though it isnt covered they would give me a efund on the motherboard. Props to Newegg for being completely awsome. I am done with ASRock. Terrible customer service, im pretty sure they either switched motherboards for the pictures or they dropped something on the pins to take it out of warranty (thank goodness for FedEx insurance). I've decided to buy an ASUS mb. My dad says he really liked his and is kind of upset that his most recent build didnt have an ASUS mb. Says his gigabyte is a little crampped with 2 video cards. Anyways thanx for the help.
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