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Hey guys,

I wanted to know if I could run BF3 on high (not Ultra hehe) graphic setting with only 3.25GB of RAM?
I can't get more than that because im on Windows7 32-bit...

Would it be run smoothly?

Thanks for all the answers!! :D

(I just got from the mail a pretty good CPU and i'll probably buy a new Graphic Card soon)
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  1. Yeah thats enough, But dont go less than 3.2GB ram.. I would advise you to upgrade to 4GB or 8GB. Nowadays 4GB is $25 and 8GB $40 and if you want overkill you can find 12GB ram for less than $80! But all in all 3.25GB ram should be enough.

  2. bf3 uses close to no memory. never seen my system go over 4 gigs of usage during play. having a nice SSD sandforce 2 would be your best speed up bet.
  3. Thanks to you two!
    Btw johnny I have W7 32-bit so I can't get more than 3.25GB of ram... I know it suck but I dont want to buy a new motherboard+processor,ect just to get the 64bit version.

    Does this Sandforce2 really change something? I want to be sure it would affect my gaming experience because I know it's kinda expensive..
  4. btw you dont have to buy motherboard & processor to get the 64bit.

    chances are your cpu already supports 64bit OS. post your specs and we can check.

    but no you dont need to add ram to play. as long as u got a decent graphcis card and CPU u will be fine.
  5. @hugostiglitz

    Ok here is some of my spec:

    -Intel Core2 QUAD Q9300 2.5G SLAMX SLAWE LGA 775 OEM CPU [CPU]
    -945GCM-S2C [MotherBoard]

    Tell me if you need anything else to know if my computer support 64bit

  6. I am running BF3 on ULTRA for all settings except anti-aliasing (2x, other type off), (and aniso set to 8x) with the following system:

    AMD Athlon II X4 (2.6 GHz)
    ASUS M4A785TD-V Evo (newest BIOS installed)
    8GB DDR3 1600 running at only 1333
    AMD / ATI 6750 (1GB vid ram)
    7200RPM 320GB hdd / sata II

    screen res is 30" monitor 2650 x 1600 / fullscreen mode, sync'd frames

    I have no noticeable slow-downs / no lagging.

    Tonight I installed more ram to make my 8GB. I had 4GB and could not run ULTRA texture res. and multiplayer was unplayable. The game is using 1.5GB of ram (at most). The game combined with other things going on in the background / W7 64bit and random drivers (no other major applications running) is using 65% of my newly installed 8 GB.

    I wouldn't say I have a state of the art machine and I don't have it OC'd at all. Game is great / looks unbelievable.

    INSTALL MORE RAM! (and don't necessarily get crazy w/ top of the line gfx cards and OCing) :D
  7. My motherboard support only 4 gig so I can't really upgrade for more.. (My budget is pretty low these days so I'm not planning getting a new one lol) But I guess if you tell the game (I would run it at high setting not ultra) is only 1.5gig of ram + origin + browser I think 4 gig should be ok... No?
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