Hi, im new to the forum and neep help! First official build!

Hey hey =] im 15, i already know how to build computers and i've been working with them since... 12 or 13? This current computer, Pentium 4 3.0GHz 800FSB 512KBcache is old and slow i need to upgrade from this '03 sys, 2GB 400MHz ram, 7950GT AGP lolz. So, i just need some reviews and some suggestions about this new computer build for around a 1000 or 1100 dollars and some directions to point to for a good MOBO, and if my PSU is fit for the job, and some processor Q's.. here it is.......

8GB 1600MHz Kingston HyperX latency 8 RAM...

Intel Core i7-950...

Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 (Need help on this, got Q's for maybe a GTX 570)...

750Watt PSU from the manufacturer, Ultra. (Have Q's on this too)...

Is the PSU enough to handle this system? Is the PSU enough to handle any OVERCLOCKS on the GPU and CPU? Can you do some research see if its a good quality PSU?(Ultra 750Watt PSU)

Should i get the GTX 470, or should i side with the GTX 570? Any performance differences and is it worth the jump from the 470 to the 570?

WHAT MOBO SHOULD I GET? I dont really know where to go with this one, i know what would be good but i dont know where to turn on mobos.

i7 950 D0 vs i7 920 D0? Which overclocks better, and which is better just overall? The 950.... right?

I've built a older system like at the beginning of the year in January.. and it would've worked but it didnt boot right and it was i think because i need to reformat the HD i already had, and i thought it was the mobo.. ohwell the sys would've been kinda pointless now(old tech). Thanks..

PS: I already have a DVD drive and some other drives and such, but no HD.. thinking of Raid0...
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  1. No I will not recommend Ultra. I recommend Corsair or Antec.

    Graphics card choice - I'll pass.

    Motherboard? Any compatible motherboard for your memory and CPU. ASUS works. www.newegg.com

    Both overclock pretty much close to each other.
  2. 1. 69xx GPU's and Sandy bridge CPU's coming out w/in the next 30 days. Should really wait.

    2. If you can then:

    x58 is triple channel memory so you want a 3 stick kit. Typically 6gb. Good choices are a G Skill Ripjaw or Pi kit. Look for DDR3 1333 cas 8 or lower if you don't plan on OC. If you do, DDR3 1600 cas 8 or lower.

    There's a major jump from GTX 470 to 570. You're looking at 20%-25% more performance for ~40% more money, which for high end GPU's isn't horrible.

    Mobo wise, for x58 Asus Sabertooth is best value/money right now. $200

    All the i7-950 is just a i7-930 with a higher multiplier.
  3. Hmmm, maybe i should make things more precise and clarified.

    The Ultra 750W PSU... i already have it. Its being used in my noob system, can you tell me if it will support this system? Help me out with some research.

    Okay, i've decided to go with the 570. I've checked out performance specs on it. Love it.

    I want a Quad SLI MOBO for future proof, will the i7-950 bottleneck 570 4x?(4x will be in the far future, im just getting one for now and for a while. Quad - years from now most likely.)

    The RAM ill get will be triple channel your right about that one.

    Please people, no AMD products or ATI, sorry for the people who support them but i dont like them according to past experiences. Nvidia + Intel
  4. There's no point SLI more than 2 GPU's. The performance gain for the money is horrendous.

    Also, GPU's get outdated very quickly. If you want to upgrade to more GTX 470 says 3 years from now, I doubt you'll even be able to find one for sale. Even if you can, it'll be completely overwhelmed by new stuff that's out by then.

    Ultra PSU's are of low quality. Low quality PSU= fast way to turn your expensive rig into an expensive doorstop.

    Heck, even their high end PSU's are complete junk.

    Toms and anandtech both have GTX 570 reviews up. You can look at actual power usage there. For 2 GTX 570's though, I'd recommend 850w, though a good 750w will also work. You'll need a good 950w or 1000w for 4 way.
  5. Okay, but what im looking for NOW is the eVGA 570 SC at newegg, a i7-950 for 285, and triple channel 1600MHz 6GB or more, could you explain how tripple channel works and what doesnt work with it, like different capacity memory sticks you put in, does that affect the way it works(some other stuff too if you could mention PLZ). Could you help me to get a GOOD PSU for now? Ill get 4-way SLI(with future better performing GPUs most likely) and i975 or 980x(OC real real high) and 2200MHz+(OC) configs later on in the years when things start getting outdated so i can still keep up with speed and gfx performance. Thanks!
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