New 5770 having problems....

I replaced my motherboard and installed a new graphics card yetsreday but there is no display on monitor when I connect the monitor to the new only works when I connect to the onboard graphics.

This has been the problem since I first started the computer after building it....I know whether the card is going to work or not from the moment I switch the power button ON because when the card is not going to work the fan really spins fast immediately and if it is going to work then the fan spins at normal speed.

Also once I start the comp and then reboot...the state of the card remains the same....if it was not detected first then it will remain undetected and if it was detected first then it will work upon reboot too.....

I have noticed one thing, when I start the comp and if the card doesn't work then I have to keep the power button pressed to turn the comp OFF and wait for about 10 mins and when I switch the comp ON again the card almost always works.....

955 BE
GA-880GM-D2H Motherboard
XFX 1GB 5770 Graphics card
400W Corsair PSU
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  1. It might be your Power Supply.

    ATI recommends a minimum of 450 watts, although it should run fine on 400 watts. I also don't know how much amperage you're getting out of your PSU and how much that 5770 needs.

    Either that, or it could just be a faulty card, or a faulty mobo slot. Have you tried seating the card in a different PCI-E slot?

    (Note, you have a PCI-E 2.0 slot, so it's not a 2.1 card/1.0 slot conflict problem)
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