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Hello, I have an HP computer with a 250 watt Lite on power supply (14a on +12v rail) and I want to install a video card without changing the power supply. I am looking at either an XFX ATI 4550 or XFX ATI 5570. I installed the 5570 and it worked fine, but I began having more "not responding" errors (but no crashes in games) so I took it out. The most demanding game I want is COD4 (i have a 15" monitor). Other specs: c2d 2.93, 4 gb ram, vista 64. Thanks.
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  1. Did you tried latest drivers?
  2. All of the games worked fine, I just received "not responding" when opening Internet explorer and the downloads folder. Things seemed a little more sluggish as well. Not sure if it was due to inadequate power. Would a 4550 (XFX with fan) use less power and still run COD4 on medium (15" monitor at 1024 x 768)?
  3. Sounds more like a software problem than a hardware problem. The card consumes very little power in 2D, power issues would show up in games under load.
  4. I have 4 gb of ram. I am just worried that I will kill either the gpu or the psu over time using a 5570. I wonder if a 4550 would draw a little less and be safer? I just want to play older games mostly (BF2, battlefront, BFME) and maybe COD4.
  5. So the 5570 uses less power than a 4550? How about a 5550? which of the three uses the least amount of power?
  6. Looks as if the 5570 is lower than the 5550. But the 4550 is the lowest. I just wonder how COD4 would run on a c2d 2.93, 4gbram, xfx 4550?
  7. Anyone think an xfx ati 4550 would be okay for call of duty 4 (15" monitor 1024 x 768)?
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