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Hey guys, my lass has got the Sim 3 but it keeps crashing as did a settler game (4get which 1, since given 2 my bro) & my GTA4 game wudnt wrk properly until i got the ram upgrade to 4gb. So im thinkin i need to upgrade my graphics card again. But wondering which 1 2 buy for my computer.

Ive got a Dell Dimension 5000 (Intel P4 - 3Ghz & 4gb Ram), which ive already upgraded the graphics card once too ATI Radeon x1600/x1650 about 2 years ago but it seemed like it only improved my computer a little when i 1st got it, so im hoping to get a good 1 that is going to improve it alot more & last longer.
I've already upgraded to the power supply & im sure it comes with the connecter to connect it straight to the graphics card.
So any ideas, for no more than £100?
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  1. HD4650/70 would be my max recommendation. Anything more powerful would be held back by the CPU which is getting old and is surely a bottleneck these days.
  2. What type of slot does your motherboard have for a graphics card? AGP, PCI, or PCI EXPRESS X16?

    On a side note, GTA4 is so demanding on your CPU, you will probably never get decent framerates with that P4 so don't use that game as a measure of graphics performance.
  3. PCI Express x16 bit

    GTA4 wouldnt load any graphics outside the starting area, until i upgraded my ram to 4GB, i have since played & finished GTA4.

    i figured my cpu was gettin on abit but i've never updated that, so wudnt even thou where to start... matchin processors with with motherboards, & ram types with motherboards etc.....
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