MSI gtx 460 Hawk or XFX 5850?

Hi all,

After reading many reviews, I'm completely undecided as to whether I should go for:




The remainder of my build will consist of:
MB - if I go Hawk if I go XFX 5850
PS - haven't decided, some 750W good brand.

(1) Gaming, not sure what kinds of games yet as I havent gamed properly in at least 5 years.
(2) Low noise is important (and secondarily, heat/power consumption)
(3) Planning to SLI/Crossfire maybe a year or two down the line when this build starts to fizzle

Advantages/Disadvantages of each choice -- my reading says generally SLI scales better than Xfire. However, it's near impossible to find a good SLI board supporting AMD cpus, and apparently there is no support for them any longer? On the other hand, going with the 5850's MB above gives me USB3, which is a nice plus. Framerate-wise, it seems they're both roughly the same in reviews?

Price point - essentially what those components above cost + PS (already have a large atx case).

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  1. Actually CPU doesn't matter,both AMD and Nvidia cards will work fine with an AMD CPU.
    Anyway,GTX 460 performs between 5830 and 5850, so 5850 is faster.
  2. This is a review of the MSI GTX460 Hawk. The 5850 wins in 3 of the tested games, but the Hawk wins in 4 of them: COD Modern Warfare 2, Far Cry 2, Crysis Warhead, Resident Evil 5, and ties in Metro 2033.

    If you are into overclocking, the Hawk is designed for extreme overclocking, and will deliver an excellent boost in performance. If you can find the "Talon Attack" version, it takes overclocking to even more extreme levels.
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