PC Power and Cooling PPCS910 Thoughts?

My dad pretty much told me that the ultra 1600 is a joke. And i have to agree with him the big idea of 1600 watts made me not think correctly.

My dad pointed out this psu for my setup he said that from what he knows from a year or so ago That pc power and cooling psu were some of the best here is a link tell me what you think.

according to johnny guru its a seasonic build improved.
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  1. Ultra itself is a joke, anything made by Seasonic is going to be high-quality and PC-P&C is already a highly-regarded brand of power supply.
  2. They say that the ultra x3 and x4 ones are ok care to elaborate on why there junk so i can learn?
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    I have seen some newer Ultras reviewed as OK but their big thing was they have the patent for truly modular power supplies.

    This does not make those power supplies good quality but it gives Ultra a selling point.

    Generally their units are lower mid tier. Avoid them if you can because higher quality units from Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, XFX, PC Power and Cooling and Enermax are cheaper and use much higher quality components when manufactured.

    Why you need so many watts?
  4. I dont i went with a kingwin gold it have 9.5 out of 10 reviews on all the review sites. i have heard kingwin is crap i tend to disagree.
  5. As long as the review sites give it high marks you should be fine.
  6. I was in the same boat with people 2 years ago saying that Rosewell PSU's are crap. I bought a rx 900 watt and a rx 750 watt around 2 and half years ago. I went with them based off of Johny gurus review of them, which was very good. I have used these two PSU's non stop for the last 2+ years, never had a problem. I run two 4870's in crossfire, two drives in raid 0, a shift tech water pump and a phenom II 940 be @3.6 ghz 24/7.

    If I am not mistaken didn't Johny's do a review of the kingwins? I was under the impression that they were not so good with how the performed when tested by Johny guru.
  7. The 850 gold got a 9.7 out of 10 at jonny guru which is why i bought it.

  8. I must of been looking at another model from them... I think the 1100 or something, its been awhile. I am sure that it will be a good PSU for your build.
  9. We can only hope see alot of people review some of these cheapers psu and people on here i have owned a few rosewil and xions they do just fine never had an issue. mabye if you have extrem gpu setups or are overclocking volts idk.
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  11. well Rosewell does contract their PSU's out to different companys..... some are crap, however the RX series tested very well on Johny guru... However some of the reviews on the egg have been pretty bad with the RX series... I have had no problems with them at all... maybe I got lucky:)
  12. If you look at any review at newegg people say everything there is junk or bad i dont like there reviews.
  13. Very true, but sometimes you get a few who review and know what there talking about. Sometimes you just have to shift thru the crap to find one. Hopefully you will have the same luck with your new PSU as I have with my two.
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