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I currently have a 256MB ATI Radeon X1600 Series Dual DVI card in my one and only PCIe slot. I would like to have 3 monitors connected and unfortunately installing this card disables my onboard graphics. Considering that I only have PCI slots left, what graphic card(s) can I install to get use out of my third monitor. Note: all monitors have VGA cables coming out of them and I currently convert to use them. Thanks in advance for any help. Matt.
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  1. If you want to use 3 monitors I suggest using AMD's ''Eyefinity' technology:

    I personally recommend you to get a Sapphire HD 5770 FLEX edition, this card can do eyefinity with 3 DVI monitors, the other ones (or stock) HD 5000 series cards (capable of eyefinity) need at least 1 monitor to be hooked up to the DisplayPort, and unless you've got an expensive displayport monitor, you'd have to buy an expensive active Displayport to DVI adapter.

    it costs $174. There are cheaper eyefinity capable cards, like the Sapphire HD 5570 that also supports eyefinity, but you would need an adapter if you don't own a DisplayPort monitor.
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