Core 2 Duo High Temps?

So my the fan on my CPU HSF was starting to go out and make a lot of noice (a lot is kind of an understatement), it was still cooling but I couldn't take the noise since I could hear it 3 rooms away. So I poked around on new egg and found one that would fit in my case and mobo combo.

So my old fan was:

and my new one:

My old fan came with a thermal grease "pad" already applied to it so I just mounted it. It had the push and turn pins to mount it and were so tight I thought I was going to break the mobo when I installed it. The new cooler I bought AS5 and it has a mounting bracket that screws to the mobo and then has a clamp that latches it to that.

I used the instructions on the AS website about applying the AS5 in a line over the cores and then twisting, then I latched the cooler down.

So my problem is, the new setup is running warmer, which concerns me. When comparing the two setups.
Old setup was clogged with dirt and had a fan that had at least one busted bearing in it, definitely not running at it's best, using stock pre applied thermal grease and the idle temps were 27C/24C and mid to high 40s under full load of Prime95 according to core temp.
New setup using a solid copper HS, bigger fan, no dirt, and fan is running at much faster RPM my temps are 34C/27C at idle. and get up to high 40s low 50s (usually stay steady at 51C/47C) under full load of Prime95

So I figure the right thing to do is remount it. However i'm not sure what to do different. So I'll give some more details I noticed during my installation experience, maybe they will mean something to someone on here.
When clipping the new HSF down, it was tough but NO WHERE near as tight as the previous HSFs push and turn pin system was.
Also after i did the twist and latch, I could still turn the HSF, I noticed that it was like 2 degrees from being straight with blowing out the back of the case. Does this mean I had too much AS5 which made it slippy? or does it mean I need to bend the clamp a bit so it pulls down tighter? I can't seem to turn it anymore, AS5 has cured over the past 14days.

Should I use more or less AS5?
Should I try a different application method, if so which one?
Should I try to bend the HS camp to make it push down on the CPU more?
or something else I haven't thought of?

Nothing else in the system has changed, same case, same ambient temp, etc
but if someone wants to know its the Antec 900 black steel case with the top 200mm fan on medium, rear 120mm fan on low and front two 120mm fans on medium. Ambient temp is 20C-22C

Thanks for all your help!

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  1. Around 50°C running prime is a great temp!
    It is normal to be able to wiggle the cooler a little with AS until the paste settles.
    10°-12°C over ambient at idle is not bad I would not worry and leave as is.
  2. Not only that, but I think your original cooler was a better cooler. Much of the Zalman 9500/9700 reputation came when they were first introduced years ago. Now, there's just so much stuff that is better at a lower price.

    A Hiper 212+ would have been a much better choice - great cooling, inexpensive, and it will fit in an Antec 900 case.

    I run my 3 Antec 900's with all the fans set to LOW. Temps for my Q9550 C3 Stepping (3.6 GHz) is 58 - 61 C. My Q6600, also at 3.6 GHz, runs a little hotter: 61 C - 66 C.
  3. ^ Concur
    Have the same coller on my I5-750 which is currently running at 3.2 GHz. My Idle my core temps are 33/35 C , Prime 95 about 55-> 58 C Fan (controller about 50%). What I did for thermo past was to spread a very thin layer on both the CPU and HS base (Finger tip and latex glove) then the twist before securing. Mine also could be turned after instalation and prior to curing.

    Added: Just checked w/fan at full speed, I5-750 OC @ 3.2. Ran prime 95 - load temps for cores were 51->52 C
    While jsc is CORRECT, I like the 9700 (have the 9500 on my E6400 @3.2) - primarily because I prefer the security of the backing plate.
  4. I just realized I forgot to state the model, but i did say C2D. It's an 8500 running at stock 3.16Ghz. The reason I was concerned was because of the disparity in temps between cores even under full load and it seems that quite a few people were pushing this 3.5Ghz and higher for only a few more degrees. I haven't tried OCing it yet.

    jsc - I looked at that cooler, but decided against it for 2 reasons. 1. it's basically the upgraded version of my original cooler, and I was unhappy that after 2 years of running at low - med rpms the bearing started to go. Don't get me wrong the bearing starting to wear isn't that big of deal, but the way the fan is mounted to the HS causes it to rattle, If they would screw the fan on rather than clipping it on it would keep the clips from rattling against the HS as the bearings wear. 2. Probably most importantly, the fan is 120mm my old one was 92mm, fitting in the case wasn't my concern, it was my mobo:
    The Heatpipes all around the CPU socket limit how wide I can go. The zalman is 112mm wide and i might have an 1/8th of an inch before i touch the heatpipes below the CPU

    I lowered my case fans to low, doesn't seem to make a difference in temps, so i'm guessing that means i have enough air flow through the case. I was really hoping to stay in this temp range with the CPU fan running lower than full speed. I guess jsc was right, zalman isn't that great anymore.

    Retired Chief - Thanks for letting me know that you could twist yours prior to curing as well, makes me feel better that I didn't over do it.

    Thanks everyone.
  5. If you caught it, I have the 9500 on a C2D (E6400 OC to 3.2), While not as good as the 9700, it still keeps the temps below 60C with prime 95. If you have more than 2 to 3 C difference between cores, it is normally the Paste nor even or a bobble, smaller possibility is uneven surface (HS, or CPU).
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