Gigabyte vs EVGA for the GTX 470 CANT PICK PLZ HELP !!!

hey guys im pretty much set on my new build except my GPU
im not sure wether to go with EVGA or Gigabyte
people say the Gigabyte runs smoother and lower temps, and slightly more performing
is that true ?
im not so sure some1 please help !!

also this might be out of subject, but im going to be OC my amd x4 955 with a asus m4a88tdv-evo, should i get 1333MHZ ram or 1600MHZ ? and at the same time 2x3gb or 2x2gb ? mostly gonna be gaming, other then that just internet browsing+microsoft office and whatnot
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  1. There is a minimal difference between GPU's. Honestly just buy the cheaper one if specs are the same. EVGA has a lifetime warranty, GA 3 years, but you really shouldn't be using a GPu for more than 3 years anyway.

    If you are, then a lifetime warranty with Zotak, PNY or EVGA is worth a say $5-$10 extra.

    You can OC a GPU yourself higher than factory so factory OC's are not a big deal.
  2. look at batuchka's build

    replace the pny with an EVGA.
  3. im kind of leaning towards evga anyways
  4. they have good customer service :)
  5. ++ For EVGA
  6. I hade a GTX 260 made by EVGA grate cards +1 for EVGA
  7. does anybody know if its easy to oc the 470 ?
  8. kcosta said:
    does anybody know if its easy to oc the 470 ?

    I would shy away from OCing less its a old card that wont run games anymore less you OC it.
  9. ^
    so like after 2 years then maybe oc ?
  10. Yeah or less you run into a game that dont run smooth :) That GTX should run all games out ATM with high to very high settings.
  11. say how long do computer parts last, before i need to upgrade to be back on "top"
    obivously u can upgradde every 3 to 6 months but i mean
    how long b4 ur pc will start running into minor trouble ?
  12. It is best to upgrade your gpu on a bi-annual basis or tri-annual if its too expensive. Usually large leaps are made over the course of 2 years so a new graphics card is needed to keep up. CPU and mobo really dont need to be upgraded that often, again gpu is the bottleneck for most not cpu. RAM should last you till it dies oyu wont replace it unless you want more and dont have space. PSU runs till it dies or you need more. Case I have used the same one for 9 years. Hard drive again lasts till it dies or starts slowing down.

    Also I would personally go EVGA, both companies have been around for an extremely long amount of time. But as of late I have been hearing alot of problems with some of Gigabytes products from people who know a lot about the industry. So it makes me question their quality a little but again they are still Good.

    You will not go wrong either way but through personal preference I would have to say EVGA for GPU's over any. Awesome customer service and great warranty. No scams when they say life time.

    Oh btw if you shop on Newegg then you should know that EVGA's model right now is only 229 after mail in rebate. The Gygabite is 300 I believe.
  13. thx man !
  14. how many fps would i get on crysis and bf2bc with the 470 with amd 955 black ed
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