Frist timmer on liquid cooling plus new build

XSPC Acrylic Single 5.25” Bay Reservoir (Alu Front)
EK-DCP 4.0 12V DC Pump
Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard
EK Twin 3mm LED Kit - White
Tygon 3603 Tubing 1/2 ID
Silverstone Strider 1000W Gold ST1000G
OCZ RevoDrive PCI-Express SSD 120GB
Logitech G9x Laser Mouse
ASUS Rampage III Formula Motherboard
Creative Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset
CoolerMaster 120mm Silent Blue LED Fan
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti Overclocked 1GB x2
EK-CoolStream RAD XTC 420
OCZ DDR3 PC3-15000 Reaper 3x2GB OCZ3RPR1866C9LV6GK
Intel Core i7 960
EK-Supreme HF Plexi
SilverStone Raven RV02-E with window
NZXT Sleeved LED Cable 1m Blue
Zalman ZM-G200 Anti-Corrosion Coolant
hey guys i plan to build myself a new gaming system as my old one is getting kinda outdated i opened a thread last year asking for suggestion on water cooling but i didnt get around to it ;) wat radiator should i get?? please dont tell me to get air cooling (been there done that ;P ). I have heard so many issues to consider when choosing a Rad. and plus if any one has any suggestion on my build pls say so thx in advance
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    Nice rig mate. Nice to see your using your bandwidth to the max.

    Here are some good rads

    TFC XChanger radiator
    swiftech MCR220 and MCR320 radiators are bang for buck and very good as well

    Then heater cores work very well as well

    For tubing Tygon and Feser tubing is the best I've came across.

    For coolant get Feser coolant or Primochill

    For water you can use plain distilled water if you want uv Pentosin G11or PT Nuke which got a very low price point

    thx mate but i live in Australia and the closet shop to me is PC case gear would u know where i could get these? i really want to build this before March 20 so i can play through out the holidays before next year when i start yr 12
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    Don't know for australia but you can have a look if any of these are available to you
    I think there's a Petra in OZ.
    is this good and is it future proof if i add more blocks in the future??
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    can't find the mcr320 rad there which wouldve been a better choice. But that one almost as good. Its a very fluent rad.

    You can use this calculator

    .Put in your heat load in watts, fan rpm that you want to use.
    a Pana86cfm is 2000rpm, Pana 115cfm is 2700rpm.. A little bar graph will pop up on the right, thats how far your rad will pull the coolant down towards ambient. If you want a good performance keep that at 5c. That rad of yours are in the list as well of the calculator aswell as some other ones

    thx so much is my build good i dont want to realize it sux from my friends?
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    The above mentioned. Do you already own it? Gpu cpu the works? What's your monitors native resolution

    i am getting this on the 18 march for 3045 AUD including the RAD u mentioned (ifound it MC320) but i am not getting the Revo drive i seen that people get issues with them instead i got 2x Vertex2 60 gb SSDs as well i plan to run 3x Benq 1080p LED LCD monitors superbilling a local shop has them for around 100 AUD each but i can still change some stuff but not after 14 march any suggestion?? should i go back to Revodrive
  5. The Vertex IIs will be more hassle-free than the RevoDrive. Just so you know, the first-gen revodrives could NOT be used for boot, only storage. The second and third gen can be used for boot.
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  7. Seems that this was a fairly quick decision. Hope it works out for you. I have boatloads of info linked in my signature below on watercooling. You might read through them just to make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

    I think you'll want to avoid FeserOne. It precipitates out of the water at sustained load temps and will collect in your waterblocks. One example (I can find many just like this):Reason to only use distilled in a WC loop
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