My monitor doesnt detect my pc


here is my story,

i used to have a old pc

amd athlon 64 x2 4200+
ati 3450
2 gig ram
msi k8n neo4 platinum
300watt psu

as you can already see its old, however i made the mistake of buying a new ati 5770 gfx card for this pc. Everything went well i uninstalled my old gpu, removed it, put the new one in. But when i turn my pc on the screen works for 3min and becomes jaggid and unresponsive. I tryed to restart but to no avail.
I figured it must be my psu, so what did i do? i bought a new psu, a Corsair 600W CX PSU - 2x PCI-E 6x SATA.
So i took out my old moldy psu and put my new glorious corsair in, now here is the problem my pc starts fine but my monitor, which is connected via a dvi converter to my new gpu, doesnt detect my computer.

However before i had installed my new psu it detected it find, it just could not run it.

So now here i am asking my self WTF? is going on and what should i do.

Help would much appriciated, thank you.
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  1. Are you running Windows XP?
  2. windows 7 ultimate
  3. That's strange because the drivers are already installed for ATI cards.
    Did you try the other DVI port?
    Is bios set to run the PCI-E as primary graphics?
  4. yeah, it worked fine with ati 3450, and i tried both dvi ports.

    im wondering whether the monitor has a problem
  5. Still have your 3450 handy to try it out?

    btw, you have the PCI-E power adapter plugged into the 5770, correct?
  6. yes i have, there is one thing that is bothering me on my mobo, next to my cpu there is a 4 slot, slot for psu which my psu doesnt have plug for
  7. yes! my psu doesnt have that :S
  8. No where at all? Without that you can't start your PC lol.
    It usually comes out where the 24-pin mobo plug is.
    Maybe if it's modular it could be an adapter in the box somewhere.

    If you cannot find it anywhere, contact Corsair and tell them that you purchased a Power Supply that Supplies no power. =P
  9. Lol! this is the website for it

    and i doesnt show it :S

    Look at EPS/ATX12V 8-4 pin
    That's it lol

    EDIT: Look under Resources
  11. but but but the mobo only has 4 slots not 8 slot :S
  12. It's for an Intel I7/Xeon. =]

    Find the side that fits and you're good to go.
  13. oh god oh god!!! yes!!

    one more thing, i want to upgrade my cpu and mobo

    im thinking of this one

    do you have any suggestions ?
  14. Is it necessary to upgrade right now, or in a few months?
    AM3+ will be out in a few months and will really drop the prices on current CPU's.

    Otherwise, the 955 is an excellent CPU, especially for overclocking.
    The Asus board will be great for overclocking.
    Patriot RAM is great, so 1333 MHZ and dual channel 2x2GB would be excellent for overclocking.

    However, the 955 will not be very stable if you go over 1333MHZ for ram speed.

    I won't be back on for a bit, so feel free to PM me if you still need help with anything.

    All the best,

  15. you have been a legend! thank you so much. dont know what i would have done :D
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