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Installing new ATI video card

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1) Essentially I was wondering what kind of problems could occur if I did not uninstall the old video card drivers but instead skipped to the step of putting in the new GPU and using the cd to install the new ATI catalyst control center without uninstalling the original (replaced my ati 3850 with ati 4850)

2) If it can cause errors, someone posted using driver sweeper and booting to safe mode etc... will it just remove the old drivers AND the new drivers?

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    For some reason, Mouse nuked my response to this. Since you're are upgrading from one ATI to another, you shouldn't need to run driver sweeper. You shouldn't run into any problems at all.

    One item of note, however. I wouldn't use the drivers found on the CD. They are generally out of date. Download the latest drivers directly from and save them to your hard drive.

    Install the new graphics card and then boot up your system. Then install the downloaded drivers.

    -Wolf sends
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