Need CPU advice

In my current computer build, I will get the:
Intel Core i5-2500 Sandy Bridge

Turns out, after planning out all the other parts, I have some budget remaining
What would be the direct upgrade of this CPU?
I don't plan on over clocking so it defiantly wouldn't be one of the unlocked versions
Basically if the current CPU were an orange, what would be the better orange, not the better apple(i.e. unlocked verions)
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    The i7-2600 is the next step up, its the only sandy bridge chip above the i5-2500. Any reason you really dont want an unlocked version?
  2. well from what I know, don't the unlocked versions ONLY provide a benefit over the non-unlocked ones if you are over clocking?

    Am I mistaken?
  3. Thats correct, but they are a slight bit more expensive and it lets you tinker with OCing which is a fun learning experience, if you go slow you cant hurt anything.
  4. Nah, I definitely don't want to dabble in OCing with this new system

    Besides that TY for the info
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