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I want information (garanty), for PC HARD WEAR with the Express service code 10869982291 ( & with sevice tag no. 4ZRPGOJ ), someone sold it to me for new a year ago, here in Greece and I found out that its about 10 years old made . . is this true or false ? Answer back to me . . Thank you !
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  1. No idea what hardware you are talking about.

    How about providing information on the motherboard model, cpu model and gpu model, or the model of the desktop computer or laptop?
  2. Google with the laptop model number and see the configs that its has. I dont know if laptops were so popular in 2001!
  3. Ok, I found out that is it a OptiPlex GX240.

    This computer is ancient, so yes, they totally con you. Sorry.

    Report the place that sold you the computer to the consumer affair department in your country.
  4. What did you Google with??
  5. I put the service tag into dell support.
  6. Oh.... Cool!
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