Desperate help with Windows XP needed - plez help?


i recently installed Windows XP proffesional and tryed playing a DVD and it ran real jerky - as if DMA (direct memeroy acces) was turned off. I was wonderring if anyone new where to turn it on or if there is a patch or sumthing.

when i had windows 98SE with DMA on it ran beautifully. i use Power DVD as software.

thanks for any help
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  1. here's what to do go to my computer right click,select properties, go to device sellect your dvd drive, click properties on the device manager page. then go to settings on the dvd player page there should be all the check boxes you need there.
  2. you may not even be a DMA problem...i had a similar problem with my DVD rom.
    all i did was use a cd/dvd lens cleaner on my DVD rom and it works like a charm now.

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  3. Actually, in Win2K, the DMA checkboxes are listed under the IDE ATA/ATAPI section, under the properties for each channel, instead of for the individual devices, as was the case in Win9x. But you were on the right track.

    Note: With the latest Intel chipset/AGP/Ultra ATA drivers installed, the checkboxes for DMA won't be accessible in the Device Manager ... instead, you use the Intel Application Accelerator to "see" the DMA and PIO Mode settings for the devices. Everything is automatic. But that only applies to systems with Intel chipsets and processors.

    gazavage: Are you using the latest version of PowerDVD? And if so, is the hardware acceleration for your video card enabled in the program?

    How about your video card drivers? Are you using the default WinXP drivers for the card, or have you upgraded?

    Does the sound also hesitate when the DVD becomes jerky, or does it continue to play smoothly?


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