Windows 7 wont start! HELP!

Just built my computer yesterday , it was all working perfectly
when i try start it now a blue screen flashes up ( cant read it) windws tries loading then restarts and startup repair begins
startup repair couldnt find the solution
it says a recent driver install upgrade may be the problem

ive tried starting in last known configuration and safe mode , both did nothing

last thing i remeber doing was fixing the registry and cleaning the system with system cleaner 5

please help , ive no idea what to do!

thanks in advance
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  1. First of all, dump System Cleaner 5, and don't ever use it again. Avoid all registry cleaners in the future as they have a horrible tendency to screw up the system similar to what you're experiencing here.

    To get the error code from the blue screen, hit F8 during bootup and select "Disable Automatic restart on system failure". Post the results here.
  2. thanks ill dump that once i get it started if i can! dont no much bout computers

    a process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly been exited or terminated

    then its check all new hardware and software is properly installed etc...

    at the end it says

    collecting data for crash dump...
    intializing disk for crash dump...
    beginning dump of physical memory...
    dumoing physical memory to disk: 100
    phys memory dump complete
  3. The best registry cleaner is YOU... and by that I mean, just be aware of what you're installing. That'll do a LOT more good than a registry cleaner!
  4. Could i just reinstall windows 7? i know there was a way to do this with xp that kept all data intact , can win 7 do the same?
  5. Boot from your Windows 7 DVD and attempt startup repair from there. If it can't find anything wrong, try System Restore. If you don't have any restore points, you're probably looking at a reinstall of Windows.
  6. alrite ill try that so! cheers!
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