What do you guys think $545

HI guys ive decided to wait about a month or two to get a gpu so i just got a mobo with an integrated card

oc: later on
cf/sli: no

CPU : Phenom 555 $90

MOBO: Asrock 890gx $99 with s/h

RAM: G.skill ripjaws4gb 1600 $60

HD: Samsung spinpoint f3 1tb $70

CASE + PSU: Rosswill armor and Rosswill Libertas 650w $160 (i like how the case comes with tons of fans)

are all my part compatible
is my cpu bottlenecking my build? (was hoping to unlock but if not i think x2 should last me a few years even being able to unlcock one more core will suffice)

total w/ tax+s/h: $545 i live in CA

can you guys provide a better build? my budget /o gpu is around $500

gpu i will get later on and budget for that is around $250 my monitor is 1920x1080

usage: gaming,video, surfing ,research ect...
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  1. what do you mean by default 1333? sorry im new i dont really have that great of a grasp on terms and parts but i suppose i will oc in the future once i have read enough and/or gotten more feed back about what and how i will attain an oced system

    so that ram will not run at 1600 noramally i have to oc it to run that speed?

    also i like the cpu you offered, but does the 6mb L3 cache that the phenom series have make a big difference?
  2. Not sure about the PSU. Couldn't find a review on the 650W unit, but the review on the 800W unit has a big problem with it.


    The Libertas 800 W could be an excellent power supply and deserve our recommendation if it hadn't failed the voltage regulation test at +5 V when we pulled 640 W and above from it.

    Falling out of spec is a big problem in my book, no part should do it. The one possible good thing might be that it didn't fail until after they tried to pull 640W out of it. If the 650 is the same unit as the 800W, then this won't be a problem for you.

    I agree with getting a tri core over a dual or phenom. Not sure what else you can do to lower the cost.
  3. i was just really banking on unlocking them lol but im having second thoughts now i will mostlikly get the phenom 955 or 965 i was hoping to clock them maybe at 4.0ghz? ofcourse when i do attemp this i will get an after market cooler but to get 4.0ghz is my mobo up for it? and what do you suggest as an after market cooler

    as far as the psu goes i was hoping someone would comment on it if its not a good psu i will have to go for corsairs 650tx which has better ratings and its more well known

    for my case can you guys suggest any cheaper ones that has a lot of fans? i was going to get antec 300 illusion but does not support micro atx and its really big which i am not a fan of but i know it has really good airflow
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