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what is the most high end video editing graphic card and what makes it different from other graphic cards
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  1. Video editing, rendering, etc, is rendered differently across Workstation graphics cards than Gaming graphics cards, in such a way that it's much more efficient and much faster.

    The best you can buy now would be one of these two:


  2. Well that will all depend on what software you are using. If you are using Consumer Level Software then there is some CUDA support available for some functions in some software. Therefore any CUDA enabled NVIDIA Geforce will be an advantage under some circumstances. If you wanted to go Pro and had Adobe Premier Pro then that software supports Quadro (much more expensive) and the Geforce 470. Quadro is the most expensive and is aimed at the Pro Video Editing Workstation Market while the Geforce is more for mainstream gaming. The benefits are a bit hit and miss and hard to qualify.
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