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Im not 100% but I think my problem does revolve around my G-Card so im posting here, hope its the right section of the forum but I really need help.

My PC worked fine for about 2 years and a bit, then the PSU decided to come to a smokey death. I invested in a new 500w PSU and while I was at it got a new Heatsink (quieter and better) and decided to treat myself to a new Graphic card, the 9800GT Palit 1gig green edition. I fitted all 3 fine and everything worked fine for a week.

ASUS p5n-e sli mobo
intel dual core 3.2gig each processor
AE 4 x 1gig ddr2 667 RAM
Maxtor 500g HD
Arctic 500 PSU
9800GT Palit 1gig green edition

I know the mother board aint pci-e 2.0 but the g-card is backward compatible (or whatever the term is) and everything was working amazing compared to my old standard 8600gt 256mg very standard g-card.

I got home today and my computer wouldnt boot up on first press then did on second and felt a bit warm, I shut off straight away, as you would do. I opened it up and everything seemed fine and when i did boot again everything was cool but the headsink and other fans seemed to be doing over time, and all i got on my moniter was a no display message. I checked the monitor with my laptop and it worked so that dropped out of the list of what could be the problem. I then tried my other old card and that had the same problem no with no display.
The odd thing was, with the new heatsink and psu my pc had been much quieter and running nice, but it seemed to be doing over time on the fans now with both g-cards in and when I took the card out it seemed to return to the smooth running it had been when i first installed the new parts, but obviously no display cos there wasnt a g-card in at this point now. this lead me to believe the problem lies in the motherboard or the psu?
but has the new graphic card cause this problem in the first place?
or has a second PSU gone bad in as many weeks and the motherboard is to blame? or could it just be compatibility problems that the system took a week to pick up on and has decided to revolt against now?

please help, any help would be great.
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  1. Your PSU kind of fails the current output required by the GPU.
    It gives 18A whereas the requirement is 26A.... which is not too big a difference but still a bit of an effective difference.....

    Tell me what heast sink did you change? the one for the CPU?
    If you didn't meet the current requirements for the GPU then it did cause a problems.... if I were to look at it from your point of view.

    Nah, I can't blame the Mobo or the PSU or the GPU.... it's actually you.....
  2. Thats fine I expected it to be my fault, but thats done with now and not much I can really do about the past I guess, bar learn from my mistakes and crack on.
    I figured a 500w PSU would have been ample especially as the g-card just plugged in to the Mobo and had to power leads going to it, I wasnt clued up on the amp side of things.
    Taking all this into account do you know what is causing the problem (not me)? is it that I have wreaked the PSU and as it wasnt good enough it is now totally not good enough and that is why I get no signal or its not booting up correctly? could anything else have been ruined? all seems fine just a slight smell from the PSU unit? and what do you suggest I have replace please?
    I aint rich but have £100 - £150 to repair the problem also can get the cash back on the PSU if it is broke.
  3. Firstly replacing your PSU would be good if it smells like varnish heating up.... it may not give way today but may later on..... I think you bought the earlier PSU for around 30£ so I'll try to look for something in the same range :)

    Another thing I want to ask you is when you put the new heatsink on, did you replace the thermal paste after removing the old one from the surface of the processor?

    Here is a list of a few from Thermaltake which will come up to your needs.....

    And after you get a new PSU you don't need to do much but you need to disassemble you whole system and clean it up with compressed air, it's been on for 2 years, don't give chance a chance, if you can, clean it up well and then nicely reassemble it together....

    Yes 500W was enough for the card just not the right kind of PSU for it....
  5. Yeah I put new paste on the heatsink/cpu but must admit i didnt totally clean the old paste off. I did strip down the system and clean it all as one of the measures to try and get it working again. I`ll give it a full going over again anyway and remove all paste and put new stuff on.
    Do you think that anything might have been damaged? or is it more of the case of getting the new PSU do the clean/rebuild of the system and then see if it boots up correctly then if I still get no display that something else had been damaged, likely the cpu?
  6. Would this PSU work?

    im looking into the UK option and would prefer ebuyer so i cant get the cash back on my currrent busted PSU.

    Not fully understanding, I think this is a safe bet? seems to dot all the I`s and crosses all the T`s and have more than enough punch to power the kit and future upgrades like new mobo and new HD.
  8. Please use the "quick edit" function rather than continually bumping your thread.
  9., Yeah, that's a nice PSU and certainly will last you long enough in case of further upgrades for quite sometime, luckily it has a 5 Yr warranty too.....

    I'd suggest, removing the Heatsink again, cleaning both the Heatsink and the CPU surface of all thermal paste.
    Spotless..... and if that doesn't happen using a tissue paper, use a little IsoPropyle or Aftershave to get the hard thermal paste off.
    Be very careful not to bend any of the CPU's pins, that means you cannot use too much force to get the paste off....
  10. Thats the PSU i have ordered and some new paste also, gonna do both what you mentioned later today when they both arrive at the office. Hopefully it will all run then and there was no extra damage from the PSU going pop.
    I`ll post up later if it all works out.
    Thanks for the advice and taking the time to look at products for me, hate being without my pc hehe.
  11. Fitted the new PSU and reapplied new paste after cleaning the heatsink/cpu area and it has made no change, the fans still spin and at a normal speed now I guess cos the PSu unit is a working on but still no signal or computer booting up so I guess the PSU took something out with it? probably the cpu? or part of the mobo?
  12. Now that you have put everything back in, set the BIOS to default, or clear the CMOS and then try booting it....
  13. If i cant see the screen how do I enter BIOS to reset it without the signal?
  14. You have to either remove the Mobo battery or then Short certain jumpers... :(
    That's the only way to reset it even if you can't see the screen, open the case, remove the button cell present on the mobo. Leave it out for about 4 to five minutes and then reinsert and start the system
    If that doesn't work, start the system without the battery and then insert after you shut it down.
    Do not insert the battery when the system is on or remove it when the system is on :)
  15. No luck with either of the of the two methods you mentioned with the battery removal. Still no signal or beep or boot I guess. so next step is? that more hardware is fried in some way?
  16. Ok do the bios reset again and remove the GPU plug your monitor into the onboard VGA and try it if it boots
    Hells!! the board does not have and onboard GPU :(
  17. yeah its a pain that, sucks. I tried it with another g-card before though so I guess that will have eliminated the card from the equasion? I also tried both pci-e slots with both cards, not with the new power supply though as im in work and only have the tower with me and not all spare bits.
  18. I guess its just trying to see if its the processor or the mobo now?
  19. I don't think you managed to clear the CMOS, try reading on the Mobo, just above the
    front panel reset, start ,hdd led connector and to the right are two little blue jumpers. The top one is the one for CMOS_RESET, it says it right on the board. Just move the jumper to cover the two right pins instead of the two left pins, turn on the power, then turn it off and move the jumper back to its normal position.
  20. didnt work :(
    Still nothing
  21. New mobo bought, problem solved :D
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