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anyone know offhand if you "enable high quality AF" (Anisotropic Filtering), do the AF denominations then become redundant? ie. 2x - 16x , i cant see any difference on the particular game i'm playing at the moment. but would be interested to know in general.
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  1. I find that 8x is the most that you can use and going higher doesn't really show you anything more to an extent. But a monitor change did alter that for me. ( higher resolution and better quality monitor ) It also would depend on the game and the operating system/DX9-10/11 also. I heard a lot of people say that the higher resolution you don't need AA. That's not true. You can still see a difference. All you need is the hardware.
  2. ya, what i was saying though was once "high quality af" was initiated it seemed the number denominations no longer had any relevance, ie. 8x. in fact, for whatever reason the max af actually gave me a significant performance boost. which was high quality af, playing with 2x or 16x at that point i saw no difference, was wondering if that was specific to the game i was playing.
  3. The AF multi-plier just simply allows for textures to be rendered at a high resolution further away. The higher the factor, the further away you can still see really detailed textures. I believe the "High Quality AF" just enables an alternate, higher quality method. the multiplier will still affect how far you can see 100% detailed textures and when they start to get scaled down.
  4. This should help clear it up,

    Anisotropic Types

    For the most part there are only two modes usually available for AF - Performance and Quality. The image quality difference between the two is not significant, so Performance mode is fine for most people. Performance mode uses bilinear filtering as its basis, while Quality mode uses trilinear filtering as the basis, but in both cases anisotropic filtering is obviously applied on top, giving a combined effect which is more detailed than just using bilinear or trilinear by itself. Remember that isotropic filtering patterns don't help much for textures receding into the distance, which is why anisotropic filtering is always necessary to truly reduce such forms of blurriness.


    Mactronix :)
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