Memory Conflict with GeForce GTX560 and ASUS P8H67-m EVO M/B

I have a memory conflict apparently, with one long, 2 short beeps after installing a GeForce GTX560 graphics adapter with 2GIG onboard memory and 16gig DIMMs installed on the motherboard. Motherboard is compatible with 32gig and PC works great without graphics adapter otherwise, with Win 7 64 bit. Can't get past POST with this card. Thoughts?
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  1. Go ahead and put the graphics card in the PCIe slot and turn the computer on. Once the beeps start happening click the MemOK! button just above the 24pin Power Connector. It should let your computer boot.
  2. I assume you mean that you have 2x 8 GB. DIMMs ? Are these 8 GB. DIMMs approved for your mobo/CPU ? You may need a BIOS update if they are approved. Asus mobos are very RAM sensitive IME.
  3. I too was unsure how the 16GB of RAM is broken up, and I assumed 4x4GB and a 2GB 560
  4. No, I actually have (4) x 4GB, and they are confirmed compatible, at least with Kingston's (mfgr) literature.
    MAchine works fine otherwise with internal graphics card....I just got a replacement graphics card minutes ago, still have same problem. Will try your idea thanks....and yes, a 2GB graphics card...that I am about to take a sledgehammer to.
  5. Ok well that didn't help at all. Frustrating. It cycled through its 4 or 5 different attempts and failed.
  6. I tried 5 or 6 times, with the MemOK procedure, actually got it to cycle past the POST routine, and got hard drive access like it was booting, but then have no graphics whatsoever on either internal or the 2 card's outputs to the screen. Very frustrating. Called Galaxy's tech support, they said the card had to be bad. Not.
  7. Just to close this one out....thanks to all who responded.
    It turned out to be a power supply problem, one of the 12v lines was not holding its own, dropping to 9v under load on the card.
    Fixed that, now all is well.
  8. Great! glad it worked out for you.
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