How does the cell processor meet the requirements of the device sony ps3

i wanted to know
about the sony ps3
wht is the cpu used in sony ps3 ?and How does this processor
meet the requirements of the device?
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  1. its not requirments its built in cpu like the built in GPU for computers the cpu is cell broadband engine i think its the best thing in the ps3 because the graphics processor is extremly bad its compete with nvidia 7800 GT i think that the ps3 cant match up with gaming pc from this days for the cpu it have 8 sychnorized cores runs at 3.2 GHZ and have turbo boost technology to run at 3.33 ghz but the l2 or the l3 cache is bad 512 KB thats all for that stupid machine
  2. you could try writing your own assignment instead of asking people to do it for you
  3. Quote:
    the 120GB/320GB/160GB/250GB models are all have the power comsumption on the very right. (the 120gb cech-21xxa)

    compared to an average gaming PC which would easily use up 10x the wattage, (600W)

    Not quite. If you actually calculate it out, even a gaming machine doesn't use as much wattage as you would think. Consider that most people with a decent gaming rig have a 500W 80% efficient PSU. That means that already 20% is lost so it will push about 400w in ideal conditions (heat and power draw). Most gaming PCs will probably push maybe 60-100% max load on a GPU and 30-50% max load on a CPU.

    Overall they probably use 200-300w when gaming.

    As for the arch of the CPUs themselves, Both are done by IBM but the XBox has a triple core 3.2GHz CPU.

    The main difference is that each CPU in the 360 is a individual CPU but the Cell CPU has one real core and 7 SPEs, one thats reserved so in reality one real core a 6 SPEs which do not have direct access to cache and such but have to go through the main CPU.

    In terms of performance, todays CPUs would wipe the floor with a Cell CPU. Just not powerful enough.
  4. guys power consumption does not calculated be watts its calculated by volts if your power supply is 1200 watt this is not the true power its the amplified power that the power supply can generate of course the cpu dont run by amplified power it have seperate power cable the 8 pin cable is generally for volts not watts did you get it guys
  5. Quote:
    power comsumption is also WAAAY lower than a gaming PC:

    320 GB "Slim" = 60 W

    power comsumption:

    Actually PC gaming power consumption can be pretty low as well.

    My PC configuration is in my signature below. Additionally, I have 4 hard drives and two optical drives. I am playing Mass Effect 2 while measuring the power consumption of my PC with a Kill-A-Watt meter. Only the PC is being measured, not the monitor and not the speakers.

    I measured 206w from the wall. My Seasonic S12II 550w PSU is 80% efficient. That means actual power consumption by the PC is around 165w which is 80% of 206w.

    Just for fun I decided to convert a video with the XviD codec in the background using Handbrake so that I can watch it on my portable Cowon S9 media player while I am playing Mass Effect 2. I measured a max of 235w from the wall. Taking into considering my 80% PSU the actual power consumption is roughly 189w.
  6. The advantages of a console vs. PC should be...

    1. The library of games you want to play. If the games only exist for the console, then...

    2. Control Interface... I actually never got used to a gamepad.

    3. You don't need to worry about upgrading for newer games for that console. Not so with PC games.
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