Underperforming GTX 460

i just bought a galaxy gtx 460 1gb GC.i bought it coz my 8800gt broke and i got this earlier than i planned(feb 2011).

Hence,the rest of my comp is still old,its got a C2D e6750 2.66ghz ,4gb DDR2 RAM,and a 600W Coolermaster PSU.

Just for seeing performance..i ran crysis and got an irreuglar 34-40 fps at 1280x1024,high,no AA

i also tried F1 2010 which gave me abysmal rates of 15-20fps.and not very high settings.

i tried a few other games too and tried reinstalling drivers.no luck.

im sure the card cant be that bad.is my CPU the bottleneck?and such a big one?

thanks in advance.
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  1. I got the same card and I get about the same performance in cysis as you but it comes down to the cpu. You have to overclock to get decent performance these days on any card even a 6 core cpu needs to be nuked due to the poor quality of software these days.
  2. hmm..but what about games which performed better b4 on my 8800gt? for eg i was just tryin GRID which ran very well on the older card..but on this its barely giving me 30fps with barely any settings on high..

    and i got a 3dmark Vantage score of P9342 !! whereas its much higher in the benchmarks im seeing online.

    cud it be my PSU underpowering the card? its abt 2 yrs old..cud it have degraded by that much?

    i just hv 2 hdd's and a fan attahced currently.

    or is windows 7 x64(clean install just recently) the problem?
  3. i had a similar problem. My gtx 460 was getting a 3dmark of 9000 also. My friend suggested moving my graphics card to a different pci-e slot. I moved my card up a slot and uninstalled my drivers with driver sweeper in safe mode. I installed the latest drivers and now it runs very smoothly.

    I don't know why it worked maybe it was something with my motherboard but I guess its worth a shot.

    It maybe a bottleneck issue? I want to say no but I'm not an expert in this subject so don't quote me on that.
  4. hey infact i got it working by ur thread itself :-)

    i dont have an extra pic-e slot..but i just thot maybe i shud try fitting it one last time..i dunno know how it worked...but it did.. :-)

    thanks anyway man !! cheers!!
  5. The only thing that will boost your performance is by overclocking your cpu. Even a q6600 can bottleneck this card at stock speeds.
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