PowerColor Ati HD 4650 won't boot Windows 7

Hi guys,

I am fighting with a new graphics card, PowerColor HD 4650 1GB, I bought for this computer:

I realize its not a gaming computer but upgraded the power supply to 400W so I could move off using the Integrated Graphics card.

Sadly it freezes on boot when it reaches the "Starting Windows" screen of Windows 7. It seems to run fine in Safe Mode. Any ideas? Any suggestions of the best place to diagnose the issue?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Did you delete the drivers for the IGP in device manager before installing the new card? Could be a driver conflict.
  2. Have you left it running when it "freezes?" Just to see if you get a complete freeze, a very long boot time to W7, or a BSOD? From you description, there's no reason it shouldn't be working - you have a display during POST, so the card has power and works.
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    I tried removing the IGP program and uninstalling the drivers but it still keeps happening.

    I have left it running for about 5 minutes but could will try leaving it on overnight tonight.

    It's weird because at a point on the win 7 splash loading it makes the usual sound when normally it would show the login screen but with the new card it still shows the splash.

    Either way I will try leaving it running tonight.

    Thanks again.
  4. I tried leaving it overnight and it was still on the splash screen :( Any ideas on how to best diagnose this issue?
  5. Sounds like a driver issue. Go into safe mode and delete your integrated graphics drivers. Then install the 4650's drivers in safemode then start windows normally.
  6. exactly.

    I have switched the Bios back to the Integrated Video so I can use the computer in the meantime.

    I looked at the bootlog between the running the 2 different graphics options and didn't see anything suspicious.
  7. Hmmh if your really cant use it and are despret, Just reformat computer fresh start backup your files first though obviously.
  8. I tried that too but it wouldn't install the drivers for the new card in Safe mode.

    yeah I would like to avoid a full format if possible. :) (Quick edited for MouseMonkey)
  9. And to avoid getting your thread closed due to unneeded bumps make use of the "quick edit" function. ;)
  10. A great suggestion. I am going to either get a replacement or return it. I got it from Newegg and have bought tons of stuff from there but this my first return - wish me luck and thanks again all!
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