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Hey guys! I have just bought a second 5770, and I put it in(installed drivers, and all that nice stuff), turned a game on(bad co 2, and Sins of a Solar empire), and saw no FPS difference... soo, I went into Catalyst Control panel, and under CrossfireX I went to Diagnostics, annnd it said the bridge wasn't connected.... well it was.... But so I powered off, reconnected the birdge, back on, says the same thing.... power off again, move the bridge to the other Crossfire bridge connector, says the same thing....

Any suggestions on what to do?
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  1. Do you have the latest VGA drivers installed ?
  2. Yup....
  3. Does the new card work fine simultaneously ?
  4. What do you mean? When i get the time i am going to try the new card by itself...(on phone)
  5. That's what i meant(removing your first card and trying the new one only)
  6. ah, yeah... once I get the time SOOOO BUSY! lol =p
  7. All right, switched them... same problem, called Powercolour, and they said that is was my bridge, so since MSI is closed right now, I'll call tomorrow once their open, see if I can get anohter one out of them (the bridge I have came with my mobo)... Those bridges probably cost fifty cents to manufacture....
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    Let us know how it goes,hopefully it'll work fine with the new bridge
  9. =/ MSI is closed on the weekends...
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  11. Thanks, MSI is sending me a new bridge... =D
  12. Great,happy gaming :d
  13. Got it today, doesn't work stilll..... -.-

    I guess I forsee a phone call to Powercolour on the weekdays....

    Tried both together toooo
  14. Oh,sorry to hear that.
    hmm,try testing the cards in another system if its possible for you to see if they work right in another rig or not.
  15. I have another system, but not one cabable of Crossfire....
  16. hmm,you may want to RMA your cards then.Then you'll know whether your cards were faulty or something else has a problem(like motherboard)
  17. yeah... thinking about it.... on hold with ATI, right now.... Powercolour said to call them....
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