I know there's alot of threads on this, but I need help building a computer.

My GPU died and instead of replacing it I'm going to get a new PC. My budget is $800-$1000 and I plan on playing at 1920x1280. I'm leaning more towards AMD because it's more affordable. I was looking at the phenom x6, but I heard it isn't that great for gaming. I know a hexacore won't be able to utilize current games or who knows when, but I want this to last me a good while. I'm planning on adding a second graphics card later, so I would like a second PCIe slot. This computer is strictly for gaming.
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More about there alot threads this building computer
  1. ^ You would get better responses if you could Fill this and paste it here...
  2. For USD $800 one could actually build a little gaming monster!
  3. And while you are waiting for your parts to arrive, look at these:
    Build it yourself:

    And although this primarily a troubleshooting thread, the first part contains a checklist that will catch most noob mistakes:
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