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I would like to setup a network for basic file/printer sharing in my home. Can you tell me how to do this?

I have:

A wireless router
Computer (vista) connected via cat 5 to router
Laptop (7) Wireless
Netbook (XP) Wireless
Desktop (xp) wireless
Server (2003) Wireless, with printer and disks attached. (Want it to be file server and share printer with above computers)

How would I go about doing this?
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  1. Start by reading the full manual for the wireless router. Make sure wireless is enabled, that SSID is being broadcast and (for the time being) wireless security is turned off.

    Check that the wireless equipped computers can detect the router's SSID. Try connecting. Once each of the wireless computers is connecting to the router (and hopefully to the internet) apply wireless security.

    Hooking up the server by wireless to the router may not be ideal. A key thing to remember when connecting computers with each other is to make an accurate note of all computer names, enable file sharing in the appropriate folders and to turn off all firewalls on all computers while setting up.

    When connecting computers I start by hooking them up via ethernet and make sure it's working before changing over to wireless.

    My advice would be to proceed one step at a time with this project -- making sure that everything appears to work reliably before adding more complexity.
  2. Do you need help setting up the network or sharing and accessing the network resources?

    Let us know what step you're at. Once you have all your computers on the same network it's pretty straightforward from there.
  3. All the computers are on the same network and are already sucessfully hooked up under workgroup "WORKGROUP" i am not sure how to get the computers to "see" the servers shared folders and printers.
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    To share the printer have a look at and skip to "How to Share a Printer". You've got three different client OS's but the process should be the same - go to control panel, printers, then add a network printer.

    To share files have a look here . On your client computers, right click on "Computer" and select 'map network drive'. Then just enter the name of shared folder you set up earlier in the format \\computer_name\share_name. For example \\server2003\shared stuff .
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