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Acer Aspire 5251 Laptop, Win 7 Home Premium, AMD 64-bit cpu -- I just upgraded 2GB RAM to 8GB. The system recognizes it and computer is faster, but now ATI mobility Radeon HD 4250 video reporting problem in device mgr. and is reduced to lowest two resolutions. Also, I just noticed that Power settings have Sleep & Hibernate options grayed out. Otherwise performance is great.
Any ideas about the video appreciated.
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  1. Hmm, this makes me wonder if I should go through with my plans to go from 4gb to 8 now.
  2. I wouldn't worry about an upgrade if you have a desktop; lots of available graphics cards for upgrade. The built-in graphics for this inexpensive (paid $289 for it at Wal Mart in 2010) laptop, it seems to be an issue.

    Before my first post, I used the Windows 7 System - Hardware - Graphics - Driver to check that my drivers were up-to-date. It said they were. But after weeks of dead ends, I decided to check the ATI/Support site. There a small download would check for the best driver for my graphics. Surprise - a different driver was indicated as the best for my setup. I had trouble getting that new driver to load, and gave up for a time--too busy with other things. Will get back to it shortly and report.
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