AMD 4200 1024 x 768 @ 50hz

Does anyone know how to set 1024 x 768 @ 50hz using catalyst?
I can do it using Entech's "power strip" but app is not cheap, especially for something so simple.
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  1. Ok, there are 2 ways, using catalyst or windows. Here's the catalyst way: up catalyst
    2. open up in the graphics menu the the ''desktops and displays'' setup
    3.go to your monitor's configuration using the small black arrow the monitor attributes, unmark the ''use extended application [...]
    5.set up the settings you want

  2. I'd like to know why you want to get it to 50Hz though.....
  3. The issue is that the PAL video standard (Australia) is 50Hz.

    Displaying PAL video at 60hz causes shudder on camera pans, scrolling text or any fast motion due to the extra frames that the video card inserts.

    NTSC (USA etc) video is 60hz so it's not usually a problem unless you have a HTPC in a PAL region.....
  4. I'm using catalyst 10.9, which doesn't seem to have that monitor config function, might be something the old 'classic' ATI catalyst had?
  5. Ok, forget the catalyst thing for now and try it the windows way, go to the display properties, then advanced tab, then Monitor, there under the screen refresh rate there is a box that says "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display, uncheck it.
    The drop down the Screen Refresh rate and see if the 50Hz setting is there, if so, accept it and apply.....
    See if it works and let us know.... the results.
  6. Ok I tried that, lots of settings are there, but no 1024 x 768 at 50hz.
    I heard back from AMD and they suggested clicking the 'list all modes' button, but it wasn't there either.
    They also suggested that I modify the monitors INF file, which seems like a very complicated effort just to get 50hz :(
  7. Anyone with any other ideas? 1024*768 @ 50hz doesnt seem like it should be so difficult, but I'm getting to the point where I'll have to look at an getting an Intel H55 setup for my HTPC. Sad as I've always prefered AMD.
  8. Unfortunatelly latest Catalyst for Windows 7 and Windows XP does not allow for forcing custom refresh rate. On linux it works flawlessly, it ignores EDID so You can easily change rate to 50Hz with xrandr. On Win the only modes allowing for PAL are the HD, not standard modes :(. You could use PowerStrip, but it's quite dirty solution and push You to use third party commercial soft to obtain basic feature.
    Maybe some world wide message shoud be sent to Ati/AMD and/or LCD monitors producers with this request. Australia's and Whole Europe standard is PAL and most of modern LCD displays correctly this mode when forced. I had to use CRT monitor and set it to 100Hz to have fully smooth PAL movie playback. :pfff:
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