External Monitor With a Laptop.

ok well i was thinking about getting a 22' monitor to use with my laptop for game because my laptop only has a 15 inch display, i just wanna know if im gonna get any lag using an outside monitor?

and btw the laptop is and Alienware M15x with a GTX 260m GPU.
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  1. There will not be any lag! If the monitor has higher resolution than the laptop the GPU has to work harder and fps will be fewer.
  2. As rolli59 insinuated, "lag" describes performance issues caused by Network (i.e. internet) delays.

    However, the GTX 260M (being a mobile GPU this performs lesser than a real GTX 260) should do okay for you. How well it does, depends on the resolution of the 22" monitor. Most of those are either 1680x1050 or 1920x1080. The lower resolution, the better the performance. The game you play, will also have a very direct affect on your overall performance. Not to mention the graphic settings within the game.

    So your game will perform to a lesser standard (less FPS as rolli59 pointed out) on the external monitor, simply because there's more pixels to draw.
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