Tomshardware Intel I3 vs Amd Phenon comparision

Hello, I3-2100 vs AMD Phenom II-X4-945 Which is better in terms of performance for Basic Gaming system
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  1. on low resolutions cpu power has a much greater impact then gpu power
  2. but he asked bout a cpu comparison not a gpu comparison?
  3. If they are the same price the i3 every time but remember AMD motherboards are much cheaper
  4. If you take overclocking into account, the AMD hands down every time.

    I just recently found myself in this situation. I pined for about a month over if I should get Sandy Bridge 2500k, or an AMD quad. The Sandy bridge chip is $225, and the cheapest mobo I could find to suite my needs (limited supply right now...) was $179.

    I decided on the AMD chip (955be) for $100 less, and the mobo for that platform was another $100 less. With the savings, I was able to pick up a radeon 6950.

    If budget isn't an issue, of course, I would go for the 2500k every time. But for the money I had to spend, I got WAY WAY WAY more for my money by getting a 955 BE.
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