Have a Motorola 2120 modem from att and Linksys Router

I have dsl through att and the Modem is a Motorola 2120. I bought a Linksys router and I can't get it working. Can someone please help? I changed the IP address to the router so it wont' conflict with the modem and still won't work. HELP PLEASE
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  1. The usual advice is to turn off both units for a minuite or so and restart the router and modem together and see if they handshake.

    You don't mention which router you bought -- but you're sure it's not one with an inbuilt modem ?
  2. Its a Linksys by cisco Router. I've tried restartin' everything. I got it where it would show it was connected but go to open internet explorer and the page couldn't be found. I went into the internet connection showed it was connected but the sent and recieved was very low.
  3. "Linksys by Cisco" doesn't tell one much about which model. I'm just trying to make sure you've got the right kind of router for attaching to a separate modem. The fact is, retailers sell mainly integrated ADSL modem/routers -- but all varieties are called Routers and unless you specify the category they'll sell you an ADSL integrated.
  4. I'm having the same problem with the modorola modem.. I have a Cisco Linkysys cable/dsl router BEFSR41 V 4.3
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