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hi all,
i had a problem booting my system with two stick of ram, but could boot with one.

Here is the post.

I have got my new memory corsair cmp4gx3m2b1600c8 and it is still the same. It states that this memory is for phenom II systems.

I have tried everything that i know of that was in the post above.

Has anyone else got any other ideas that might help.


ok i just changed the speed to 1333mhz and the voltage to 1.65 with both modules in and it got to the desktop but then rebooted.

what does this mean. i need to try and change the timings but my timings are 8-8-8-24 and there is about 15 in the bios any ideas which ones i need to change.

I have also updated the bios to 2302 from 2202.


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  1. ok founf out which setting i needed to change cas-trcd-trp-tras.

    Changed all the setting and still nothing.

    found something about ganged and unganged, the system was working on unganged so i changed it to ganged but once again still nothing.

    The only thing i can now think it could be is the command rate but with this board you can not change it in the bios only in amd overdrive but then it resets once system is rebooted so that dont work.

    Any help would be great

    Thanks in advance.
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