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Removed heat sink from video card

My MB has one PCI-E X16, PCI-E X1, and PCI slot. I have dual monitors and wanted to increase to tri monitors so I bought this PCI video card for my third monitor.

After i started installing it i realized the heat sink is too big. The only way to make it fit was to remove the heat sink. I did this is the third monitor is working fine.

I wanted to know what suggestions people had to prevent any damage (or potential risk) that could be posed by removing the heat sink. Since it is my third monitor it shouldn't have to deal with anything more CPU intensive then perhaps a video.

Does anyone have any recommendations for cooling that can fit in a very small amount of space?

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  1. Well, if it gets too hot then it's going to fry the card, I would never advice you to use the card without a heatsink.
    But in anycase you can find a few thinner after market heatsinks for the card off any of the sites, what I'd like to know is the space available (in mm Millimeters) between what was obstructing the cards earlier heat sink.
    So basically then I could give you an idea of which ones to go for...
  2. There is about 1.5 mm of room.
  3. You can go and look for single slot coolers but chances are that you will not find one that is going to be good enough unless you decide to salvage one off another card that has the same mounting hole arrangement. Beyond that look for a single slot card.

    How smart are you and how good are you with a drill? If you aren't an idiot and have used power tools before you can hunt down a old cpu cooler and some nuts & bolts along with a very thin fan to mount onto that cooler it will work and I have done it my self but skill and resources are of most high importance. If not look for a donor card like a 2400 pro or x300 that has a single slot cooler that can mount. It only needs to mount at least two holes to work.
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    Ok, since the clearing is not that much, I can give you an idea but you'll need to go to a person who has a grinder on him (mechanic, Machine tool chap or a simple fabricator) Take the heat sink you removed from your GPU and just grind about 5mm off the top of the card....(Fins)
    Better still if you can, provided that the base of the heat sink is thick, grind off 2 or 3 mm off the base and the remaining off the top.....:)
    Of course you''ll need a good machinist for the second option since the base must be pretty smooth.
    But in case they have a slightly protruding square at the base of the heatsink to make contact with the Core Chip on the GPU, then I'd advice you to get some thermal tape and use it around the chip so as to avoid the heatsink metal from making contact with any contact(soldered) onto the PCB in turn avoiding a short on the card.... :)

    Don't do the second option..... it's a crazy shaped Heatsink :) and it'll interfere with some PCB components (Thats why the crazy shape) Best option is either use a grinder to get rid of 5mm from the top of the Heatsink fins, or if you're good with a metallic saw or file, then you can DIY .
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