Hey guys, I was just thinking about playing latest P.C games like COD4, Crysis, Doom 3 etc. Due to low budget i bought a Intel P4 - 3Ghz HT & 1gb Ram, 40Gb H.D.D and motherboard D915GUX which has PCI Express x 16 Slot.

I need to know which graphic card of Nvidia (should be 512Mb or 1Gb) is best for my motherboard & which will also give me maximum output because my PCI Express x 16 slot is 1.0. Also i need to know do i have to buy a new power supply which will support my graphics card ?

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  1. Crysis is very demanding. However COD4 and Doom 3 are not. Especially Doom 3 which is fairly old now.

    Can you give us any input on the specs on your Power Supply? This is a determining factor in what video card you can support to begin with.

    Also, realize that a single core Pentium 4 @ 3Ghz is going to be a substantial limitation. And since games do not use HT (Hyper Threading) that feature is meaningless. Then, the 1GB of RAM is going to be a fairly decent limitation too for overall performance.

    You could certainly get setup to play Doom 3, and possibly... COD4... but I can't see you playing Crysis at all.
  2. If you're on a tight budget and live in Asia, go for the GeForce 9600GT or 9500, it'l play all those games reasonably well, and if you are in that continent, I don't think you'll be using a 46 inch monitor to play the games, it's gong to be something between 15-24 inches.
    These cards come pretty cheap around here and deliver playable performance for most assembled PC's here.....
    Since the Mobo and the Proc aren't exactly state of the art don't go in for anything very high unless you're planing to buy a new pc in the next few months....
    And these cards don't require additional power inputs so I guess you current PSU will suffice....
  3. 9600gt does require 6pin connector or two 4pin . what about gt240 or gt220 ??
    both are low wrt psu consumption and the 240 is greater than 9600gt.
    i know both of them aren't great but anything greater will be a waste on a pentium 4.
    and atleast get 2gb of ram.
  4. Nope, I have three of them by XFX , none of them need any power the old ones may have required power but the last gen don't...

  5. Yep. Looks like they kept the same PCB's , but didn't add the PCIe power receptacles.

    Strange.. I would have figured they couldn't do that without a PCB revision.
  6. alyoshka said:
    Nope, I have three of them by XFX , none of them need any power the old ones may have required power but the last gen don't...

    You have some dust on your fans there. Might want to get a can of compressed air :P
  7. Snipergod87 said:
    You have some dust on your fans there. Might want to get a can of compressed air :P

    It's not a problem, that sort of dust comes on within a day even if I was to blast it with CA. :)
    Live in a really high dust environment.... :(
  8. Hi guys,

    Thanks to all of you for taking your time and replying my mail.
  9. Hi again guys,

    Also need to know which card is better, Nvidia 6500 GT or Nvidia GT240 and also are these cards 512mb or 1 Gb, because my motherboard's PCIe slot is 1.0, so will this card be a good choice and should i also need to know upgrade my power supply which is 360w currently.

  10. Where did the 6500GT come into the picture from?? It's a no go against the GT240....
    The one I suggested was 9600 or the 9500 :P
  11. Hi alyoshka,

    You suggested i use 9600 GT, but you didn't tell me which one is better for my motherboard (512mb or 1GB) and will also give me the maximum output when i play Crysis, COD4: Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Resident Evil 5 etc. Also my Power supply is 360 watt and RAM is 1GB, should i need to upgrade it too. And also need to know that my Motherboard is Intel D915GUX, which has PCI Express x 16 Slot (and the Version of slot is 1.0, whereas 9600GT is 2.0). Will the card give me maximum output when i play heavy graphical games ? Pleeeeeeeease help me out alyoshka.

    Here are my P.C Specs:

    Intel Pentium 3.0Ghz (HT)
    Motherboard D915GUX
    Ram 1GB
    H.D.D 40GB
  12. Use the 512MB one since that's the one I have without the extra power needed.
    Although if you get the 1GB too without the need of any power input into the card.... then go for it since maps and textures will occupy the Video memory therefore if you have 1GB of video memory it's good.....
    But you computer will support both don't worry about it
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